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New Shishamo

Shishamo is an excellent band out of Japan, and their new song I, actually is a fun J-Rock song. I like this band better every time I hear them, and this song is from their new release SHISHAMO2, which will be coming out on March 4th. The one after that is from their 2013 debut […]

We Lost Leonard Nimoy

As you have probably heard by now we lost Leonard Nimoy today. He was an amazing actor, but first and foremost he was Spock.

Nice Jazz Quintet

I had an exhausting day at work today, which started at Midnight and ran until 30 minutes ago. So I am a bit crispy around the edges, and mostly want to relax. So I figured this might be a great day to post about the Nice Jazz Quintet, which is Jean-Louis Bompoint’s band. My guess […]

Something to Do: Movies

I spoke too soon in Monday’s post about this weekend; I didn’t know then that Snow Girl and The Dark Crystal would be in the theaters this Friday. It is Well Go’s first 3D Theatrical Release, which is a romantic fantasy adventure about the legendary hero Zhong Kui. He was a warrior with mysterious powers […]

Oscar Week 2015: Animated Features

I love the fact that even the folks putting together the Academy Awards realize that animation is a wonderful way to create and share stories that could never be told any other way. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee created Frozen last year, won a ton of awards, and this year they got to host the […]

Something to Do: Movies

Not a lot this week; Ejecta looks more like horror than sci-fi. For myself, I am going to hit one of the recent releases I missed the other week.

Something to Watch: Discs

The best selection this week is the animated Marvel feature Big Hero 6, with a soft robot in an iron suit as one of the 6. The film is a bit of a homage to all things anime, and has a lot more humor than I was expecting. Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse is the […]

New Superfly

The new Superfly track is called White Light, released as a single last month. It is the title track of their new digital album, which will be coming out on May 27th.This song is the opening theme for Tales of Zestiria, an RPG for PS3. This short advertising version is the only one I found […]

Something to Do: Movies

Somehow Monday slipped right by me without my noticing, so a bit late this week with the movie entries. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 might be as much fun as the original, this time they end up in the future while trying to get to the past… much like a certain 80s time travel trilogy. […]

Rurouni Kenshin 3 trailer

Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends completes the trilogy about the Samurai assassin who decided he would kill no more, and protect the weak and helpless. One OK Rock continues to be featured on the soundtrack, and the action is intense. You can find out more at the RuroKen Fan Site. The movie came out […]