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Happy Halloween! Skeleton Dance, 8 Bit Army of Darkness

Normally I do music on Saturday night’s, but normally Saturday is not Halloween. So this time around, a couple of classics in honor of the holiday. To make up for the schedule, music will be along very shortly, in honor of the new Abney Park album. The first Halloween video:

This is part of Disney’s […]

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie Trailer

The trailer for Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie is out, and the film will be in US theaters on November 10th, 11th, and 16th. This is the franchise that first brought Cyberpunk to the big screen in 1995, and along with Akira introduced American audiences to Japanese Anime. Meanwhile, the live action version […]


The short animation Descendants is a wonderful and touching piece of work, but thanks to the CG Society publishing of the article it is even more than that; it is an excellent tutorial in animation production. When you read the Making Of, you get an understanding of what some of the challenges are in the […]


This short but quality animation is called No-A and pronounced Noah, and it has a lot of heart for having a robotic protagonist. The team that put it together was lead by Director Liam Murphy, Producer Chloe Mortensen, and Executive Producer Xeon Xai. It has won some awards, and you can get some more details […]

Flash/Green Arrow sizzle reels, NYCC

The season has already started for both The Flash and Arrow, but these are quite tasty and worth sharing even so.

Something to Do: Movies

While nothing stands out this week, there are a few amusing titles. The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is a horror comedy geared to a younger audience, which makes it somewhat strange that they went for an R rating. Freaks of Nature is also a comedy horror where humans, vampires and zombies had to […]

Something to Watch: Discs

This time Pixels arrives home with the mind numbing premise that Aliens take our inclusion of video games on the Voyager disc as a declaration of war, and return the attack with one of their own. Don’t think that Pixels is strange, though, because also this week an underground classic of a film comes out […]

Rip Slyme

I first came across RIP Slyme as the song Super Shooter embedded in the anime Gantz, and liked them for being brave enough to be associated with it. Of course, the song was perfect for the show, so it made sense they wanted to be part of the project. After about the third other song […]

The Assassin

The epic historical fantasy The Assassin has some of the best cinematography I have seen in many years, and deserves to be watched on that count alone. But when you add in the plot and the sub plots, the characters, the costumes, the FX, the sets, the props, and all the other details that go […]

Tiger & Bunny Live Action film

The announcement was made at the recent NY Comic Con that the Tiger & Bunny franchise is going to get a Live-Action film. Not only that, but it will be a Hollywood film produced by Ron Howard, Masayuki Ozaki, and a few others. This one might be quite good, given the folks involved.