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Roadkill Redemption

The animated short Roadkill Redemption was created by Karl Hadrika. Or most of it, at least; he did the story, animation, modeling, rigging, compositing, editing, lighting and sound design, but the voice was Lidia Labuda. This one made him a 41st Annual Student Academy Award Finalist, which is fairly impressive for a single person production. […]

Ratchet & Clank Trailer

If you have played this even once, the reality of the Ratchet & Clank movie can be summed up with their tag line: Kick Some Asteroid! It will be on the big screen at the end of April, just a handful of weeks from now.

Loving Vincent trailer

Imagine an animated feature film where each frame was painted by Vincent van Gogh; that is the concept behind Loving Vincent. So far just over 100 artists world wide have made the production team, and even if all they end up producing is the trailer they will have created something interesting. This is from Breakthru […]

Something to Do: Movies

The genre film this week is Pandemic, but I would rather seem Miles Ahead. The first is about a plague that threatens to wipe out all life on Earth and turn us all into Zombies, and I have already seen that movie twenty times too often, each time with a different cast. Miles Ahead is […]

Something to Watch: Discs

Humans, Season 1 is about Synths, near-human robots who may be more than they appear. It was shown on AMC (US), the BBC (UK), and ABC (AU) and is based on the Swedish science fiction program Real Humans, which has won a number of awards. Kudos Film and Television remade it for English speaking audiences […]

Shout it Out

Shout it Out is a J-Rock band formed in 2013; the first song here is Light Of The Song from December of 2015, the second is 17-year-old from about 6 months earlier, and the third is from just last week or so, Backlit. This band has some promise and potential, so I had to share […]

The Legend Of Tarzan trailer

Edgar Rice Burroughs has created some amazing characters, and his most recognized is coming back to the big screen in The Legend Of Tarzan. On July 1st we will get to find out if they are doing this classic story justice, and if they are, we will have a reboot of the entire massive collection […]

Daredevil Theme Acapella

These are the same folks who brought us the Acapella versions of such classics as The Walking Dead and The X-Files, and their latest production is true to that legacy. Be sure to stop by The Warp Zone to see their latest offerings.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children trailer

The movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is based on Ransom Riggs New York Times best seller debut novel (his previous book being a study of the methods of a Fictional Detective, rather than a fiction itself), and it looks like Tim Burton has set the tone quite nicely for this fantasy. It will […]

VR: Sword Art Online

IBM Japan has created the VRMMO project Sword Art Online: The Beginning, and when they asked for 200 Tokyo-based Alpha Testers the other week, over 100,000 people tried to sign up. Why all the excitement? For one thing, this may be the first time a fully realized 3D Immersive Virtual Reality MMOG was ever created […]