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Akashic has only been together for a couple of years, and has two mini-albums under their belt, one in 2014, the other this past March. They have the kind of high energy pop sound that makes me think they would do very well doing anime intro songs, but so far I haven’t located any titles […]

Something to Stream: Divine Gate

In Divine Gate Adapters are folks with powers over their realms of Air, Water, Earth and Fire, each realm existing on a different plane of existence and each accessible to the others through a mundane gate. The Living, Heavens, and Underworld become connected to each realm after a Divine Gate is opened, adding another set […]

Mars, 2018: Getting Ready For The Colony!

It looks like SpaceX is gearing up to colonize Mars, with the first flight targeted for 2018 (the next time the Red Planet is close enough to give us an orbital shot at getting there quickly). That will just be the first unmanned test flight and attempted non-exploding landing, if they can even make that […]

Controlling Drones With Your Mind

Tan Le developed a wearable EEG, and the other week a team of engineering doctoral students at the University of Florida used it to control drones in a competitive race as the first step to developing a brain/robot interface. One of Tan Le’s more elegant contributions to this telepathic headset was the algorithm that lets […]

The Switch

Created by Zack Mathew, the animation The Switch was made while he was at the Vancouver Film School back in 2008.

Something to Do: Movies

We have two films that look interesting this week: Ratchet & Clank for animated silly fun, and The Man Who Knew Infinity, the story of Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar, a true mathematical genius and pioneer. I am thinking I am going to have to see both films this weekend.

Something to Watch: Discs

I couldn’t find many genre Movies or TV shows this week, but there is The Driftless Area, a ghost story in which Anton Yelchin is once more getting closure for the dead, but I saw no indication that he had the name Odd Thomas this time. Stella, played by Zooey Deschanel, saves his life so […]

Local Connect

Local Connect has a 2nd Mini Album out now called 7RAILS, and the first song here is the first track on that album, Gold. Their first mini-album came out in June of 2015, one of the songs on it was the closing theme for the Anime My Love Story, Where to Find Happiness. The second […]

Aurora Details Seen From Space

If you aren’t an Astronaut, you probably haven’t seen the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis from Space. But luckily there are some serious camera fanatics in orbit these days, here is a glimpse of what they have been up to where the Auroras are concerned. If you pay attention, you will also get to see […]

Breakthrough Starshot!

Using solar sails with a laser driven power system to launch from orbit, and traveling at 20% of the speed of light, tiny little Starships will visit Alpha Centauri. There will be a swarm of postage stamp sized nanocraft sent to our nearest neighbor to look for signs of life and give us more detailed […]