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Frederick New Release

The Kobe band Fredrick has another opening to a popular Anime, Koi to Uso, in English: Love And Lies, a story of future Japan where the government selects your life partner with an eye to increasing the dwindling population. I haven’t seen the show yet, because I don’t have a subscription to the only streaming service I have found it on. But I do enjoy what they have done for the opening theme, Sad and Happy, the first track presented here. It was posted July 31st, and has well over 2 million views so far, and was released on their August 16th single. The other track is a live version of their song Only Wonder, recorded at Studio Coast 2017, and also part of their 2nd single. Japanese singles are a bit different than the ones in North America; this one has a total of 5 live tracks and 3 studio recordings.

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