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July 2017
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Something to Do: Movies

The winner this week is Despicable Me 3 (which is actually the 4th film in the series), hands down and no doubt about it. While I will definitely be in the theater for that one, it is not the only choice. The Little Hours is a very twisted medieval romantic comedy that takes place in a convent, and may give Despicable Me a run for its money on the comedy front but with a noticeably older audience.

Something to Watch: Discs

The interesting western selection this week is Absolutely Anything, a sci-fi comedy with the surviving members of Monty Python plus Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, and Robin Williams (it was his final film). The critics didn’t care for it, with lots of reviews saying it was lacking in laughs, but I am going to have to watch it for myself before I decide if I agree with that. The other option is Power Rangers, which could be campy fun. I missed both films when they were in the theaters, so I have no idea how they are.

Anime brings us Assassination Classroom: Season 2, Part 2, a wonderful animation that keeps going in directions you don’t see coming. That completes the Anime series, but I am excited to let you know they are bringing the live action movie version of this story to the US this Wednesday. I saw it a few years ago while on an overseas flight, it was an amazing film. This isn’t an actual North American release, but rather a Region A Blu Ray Import, so while it will play just fine in North American Blu Ray players and does have English subtitles, it is a bit pricey. Kancolle: Kantai Collection, Complete Series is another 13 episode season in the lives of cute girls who are anthropomorphic battleships. Code Geass: Akito the Exiled is a 5 episode OVA that continues the world wide revolution against the Britannian Empire. Naruto Shippuden Uncut Set 31 is episodes 389 through 402 of that series, with episode 500 being their last one, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations taking over the franchise from there. Finally Samurai Warriors: Complete Series is more historical epic than fantasy, but enough of the Samurai involved became mythic figures that I can justify including it here. Plus, this isn’t based on the warriors of that era as much as it is based on those same warriors as portrayed in the game of the same name, which puts us right back in the fantasy realm after all.

Man With A Mission

It came as something of a surprise to me when I realized I have never done a post on Man With A Mission, the famous wolf-headed J-Rock band. Today I am going to correct that by posting a few tracks, but if you like what you hear be aware there is a lot more to listen to. The first track was posted two days ago, Dog Days and was produced by MWAM and Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES fame. The second track is Dead End In Tokyo from January of this year, and the third is their killer 2015 hit Raise Your Flag. Normally I stop at 3 tunes from any one band per posting, but the bonus track tonight has two bands; Man With A Mission share the ring with American rockers Zebrahead for this 2015 rock anthem Out Of Control.

Something to Watch: Discs

This time we get the orbital thriller Life, and the award winning comedy fantasy This Beautiful Fantastic. The later film slid right past a lot of folks, if you haven’t seen it you might want to consider checking it out. In Anime Norn9: Complete Collection has a nameless girl join the spaceship Norn in it’s mission to protect the planet from unseen enemies. The Seven Deadly Sins came out with season 1, part 2, while One Piece unleashed season 9, voyage 1, which covers episodes 517 through 528. Sailor Moon S released season 3 part 2, just because they can. While I don’t often mention re-releases, there is a classic this week you should be aware of: The Big O complete collection. A Noir detective with a Giant Mecha, what better combination could there be!

Bump Of Chicken revisit

It has been a while since I have featured Bump Of Chicken here, so I thought I would share a few tracks released since my last posting. The first track this time around is called Answer the theme song for the anime Sangatsu no Lion, AKA March Comes in like a Lion. The second is called Ribbon, both were posted this April, while the final track is Go from their Stadium Tour 2016, recently released on DVD.

Something to Do: Movies

If you have a nearby theater that shows Bollywood films, Super Singh is the story of a man who accidentally gets superpowers and runs around trying to figure out what to do with them. The other option is the American/Dutch film Kill Switch, where the promise of limitless energy leads us very close to the end of the world. Neither movie has a web site I could find, and I wasn’t impressed enough with either trailer to post it here, so I will be catching up on my binge streaming this weekend.

Something to Watch: Discs

The western winner this week is The LEGO Batman Movie, absolutely my favorite Batman movie of all time. Although that may change, seeing as Joss Whedon is taking over DC Cinema, including the Justice League movie and the Batgirl movie. Except for some reshoots, the filming is largely completed on Justice League, but Whedon gets to be in charge of the editing; so for the first time in years there is hope of a well rounded movie with humor to go with the dark drama.

Anime brings Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Complete Collection, a story of magical knights, one of whom has no magical powers whatsoever. Did you know Shirow Masamune, the creator of Ghost in the Shell,also did Cyborg Comedies? This week we can also pick up Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn, Complete Series, where cyborgs and scientists fight terrorists.

Gayageum Rock

The Gayageum is a multi-string instrument from 6th century Korea, and artist Luna Lee has been using the instrument to play rock songs to very good effect. So good that she plays festivals around the world, including SXSW in Austin this year. Here are a few tracks to give you a taste, I bet you can name every one of these songs with no help from me.

New Gintama Trailer

When aliens invaded Edo era Japan, built skyscrapers, introduced motorized vehicles and pizza delivery, and told the Samurai they could not use their swords, many were not happy. Chief among them was Gintama, a Ronin desperate to make a name for himself. The new trailer for the live action feature film from this manga/anime franchise looks just cheesy enough to be good campy fun on the big screen. The release is on July 7th in Japan, maybe by Christmas in North America if we get lucky.

Something to Do: Movies

This week the movie choice is The Mummy, with a tone closer to the original movies than the more recent trilogy. The one thing it has in common with the more recent work is it does still look to be Action driven, rather than the original Horror underpinnings.