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Cats, Rats, A.I., Oh My! – Ben Hamm

Ben Hamm had a cat problem, which he solved using AI. This was his presentation of the project from Ignite Seattle, and thanks to the team at i-programmer for the heads up on this.

First AI Written Film: Sunspring

The short film Sunspring was written by a set of algorithms, including the lyrics of the song. Humans performed and recorded it, and wrote the music of that song, and while the results are a bit strange it is an interesting beginning.

Watch this on The Scene.


New Chappie Trailer

I already knew I wanted to see the new movie from Neill Blomkamp, Chappie, but with this trailer I am getting seriously psyched. It will hit the big screen on March 6th, and I will be in the theater for this one.

Something to Do: Movies, 10Jan14

Her opened in very limited release back in December, this week it goes into wide release, after winning a number of awards. The Legend of Hercules also comes out this Friday, and it looks like they took some pains to keep it close to the original story line. In somewhat more limited release is EVANGELION: […]

Something to Do: Movies, 20Dec13

The most interesting film this week has to be Her, a story about a writer who installs a new artificially intelligent operating system designed to meet his every need, and discovers himself drawn into a relationship with it he never expected. Don’t expect explosions and chase scenes, Spike Jonez doesn’t usually do that kind of […]

Bionic Bees

I love living in the world of the future. Dubbed Project Green Brain, the engineering teams at the Universities of Sheffield and Sussex are writing computer models of the brains of bees, specifically the systems in the brain that interpret a bee’s vision and sense of smell. They intend to link this to robotic sensors […]

Robot Revolution

Christine Fall did a story to make you think about the Real Robot Revolution, already in progress at a research lab near you. Just the thing to get you ready for the release of Terminator Salvation on May 21st.

The Turing Test has been passed!

Not only has the Turing Test been passed, but it was the IEEE who accepted the computer as a human, publised its paper, and asked it to chair a session at the CSSE (Computer Science and Software Engineering) 2008 Conference held a few weeks ago. Alan Turing proposed a test of intelligence as a replacement […]