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More New PolkadotStingray

Just a few days ago PolkadotStingray uploaded another track from their new album; the song is called Surrender and in just those few days it has received over 185,000 views. The second track, Mizuho Dance, was posted on October 25th, and has collected just under 1,140,000 views to date. I am not sure if that […]


New York group Phantogram played on the first of Triple-J’s Like A Version segments for 2017 this week, and they sounded sweet so I had to share them here. If you are not already watching them every week, in Like A Version a great Alt Rock band comes into the broadcast studio at Triple-J and […]

Crimson Apple

Crimson Apple is a band from Hawaii (now based in LA) made up of 4 sisters and sometimes a friend or two, who have cranked out some excellent music. The first song is Run Along, the second is called Hello, the third is One Time, and they finish up with the track Replace This Heartbeat, […]

VR: Björk: Stonemilker

Björk’s Stonemilker is a 360 degree video that she posted around this time in 2015, ready to be played in your VR headset of choice (as previously mentioned, mine is Google Cardboard). Before it was released to You Tube it was a Museum of Modern Art installation in the VW Dome, where they set up […]

Guano Apes

The German band Guano Apes got together in 1994 and they have been creating solid rock music ever since, with the occasional break. The first track is Close To The Sun from their new album Offline, the second is 2014’s Fake, released on the same album. The final song is Sandra Nasic singing Fever, possibly […]

The Dø live

Based out of Seattle, Washington, KEXP is public radio at its finest, and tonight we are featuring their presentation of The Dø. The band is percussion driven, but the percussion instruments they are playing are synthesizers controlling MIDI command strings and sample collections, which gives them a rather unique musical flavor. And with songs like […]

The Novembers

The Novembers are a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 2005 who have released 8 albums and an assortment of singles and EPs so far. Their sound is unique and complex far beyond what you would expect from so few instruments, reminding me of Pink Floyd or Brian Eno. Their acknowledged musical influences include David […]

Against The Current

When Taka (of One OK Rock fame) decided this was a band he liked so much he wanted to create music with them/her, I figured it was time for me to check them out. The band is Against The Current, which has manifested in a number of different ways over the past 4 years. But […]

Wye Oak Live

Wye Oak played quite a tasty set when they were on KEXP last month, and after the 15th time I went back and re-listened to it I realized I needed to share it. The band is a couple of very interesting people from Baltimore, MD, named Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner, who have had tracks […]