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Something to Do: Movies

There are a couple of good options this week. I pretty much have to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle because the first one was such a hoot. And I am a big fan of the franchise, so I will probably also check out The LEGO Ninjago Movie, having laughed my way through their Batman endeavor. […]

Smithsonian Superheroes School

Stan Lee is one of the instructors at the Smithsonian class The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture, along with several others. The basic course takes 6 weeks and is free, but if you want a verified certificate that will cost $50; if you pass the class, besides the certificate itself you […]

Something to Watch: Streams: Rin-Ne

The series Rin-Ne is about Sakura, a girl who accidentally crossed into the spirit world as a young child, and ever since she sees all the ghosts around her. It is about Rinne Rokudo, who is one quarter Shinigami, a group of Japanese supernatural creatures occupying the same spiritual niche as the Grim Reaper. Some […]

We Lost Giger

I am sorry to report that H.R. Gigar is no longer with us; he passed Monday after a fall at home according to this BBC Report. His organic artwork was amazing, and although it appeared in a lot of projects he will no doubt be best remembered for his Starship designs for the film series […]

Amazing Spider Man 2 Trailer

Yep, Sony finally released it today, and it looks amazing, as befits a movie with the name The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can’t wait for the new episode for the franchise, I like the reboot of the films a lot (although I still like the original trilogy, which had its own set of good points). […]

Animation Approaches

How an animator approaches the creation of and object/effect relationship can be really interesting. The examples I am including here are from recent postings by SIGGRAPH, an organization that has been at the heart of computer graphics since long before most people knew there was such a thing. And yes, many of them are professionals, […]

Another Amazing Image

The folks at APOD have done it again, with yet another amazing picture. This time Göran Strand did a mosaic image of the full moon over a snowfield, with the lights of Östersund, Sweden peeking over the horizon in all directions. Check out his other images at his site, he creates some truly astounding graphics.


Building Animations

Building Animation

Creating animations using buildings as your canvas… I had to say it right up front, because no matter how I worded the title of this post, it never actually meant what it really is, even though it may have accurately said it. As a person who created his very first animations […]

Interactive Van Goth

If you appreciated the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor, you are going to love this. I should mention that the interactive part does NOT mean you can do this yourself with it, since it is just a streaming video. But I must add my voice to a bunch of folks, including Gizmodo, in […]

Dali Does Alice

Did you know that in 1969, Salvador Dali did a series of illustrations for that surreal classic, Alice in Wonderland? It is true, and the book itself is not cheap; the second video tells you how to identify it, so you don’t waste your $30K to $60K (depending on where you find a copy). The […]