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What’s Overhead?

Yes, I am going to add an Orbital Report here, and this is my first attempt, embedding it in a page rather than inserting a widget into the sidebar. If I get this part working properly, I will go for the widget. Assuming I can compress it down enough to fit without losing the raw […]

Magnificent Mars

10 Years of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter data gathered together: Magnificent Mars is a short but intense video highlighting the last decades worth of images brought back from the red planet. It’s next project may be selecting a landing area for the first manned flight.


Thermonuclear Art

NASA assembled this amazing video of the Sun in Ultra-HD (4K) from footage generated by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, and added some tasty music by Lars Leonhard to it. On top of that, the folks at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center decided to make this video public domain, posting it so it […]

APOD: Two Black Holes Merge

When LIGO detected the gravity wave signature of two black holes merging, it inspired the Simulating eXtreme Spacetimes Project to create this simulation of the event as it would have appeared to human eyes, and post it online. The Astronomy Picture Of the Day site maintained by the folks at NASA then picked it up, […]

Where is the ISS?

The ISS, or International Space Station, is very easy to see from the surface of the Earth using just the Mark I Eyeball, providing you know where to look, and depending on whether or not you will have clear sky’s for viewing. There are a number of resources available for knowing where to look; the […]


The award winning short film Somnium was created by Team Somium of The Animation School in South Africa, the team being Gerard Seymour, Riann Sholtz, Pieter Louw, Eben De Waal, Jasmine Morvan, and Greta Pepler. The award it won was the World Silver Award from the New York Festival’s International Television & Film Awards of […]

The Fermi Paradox

In The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens?, the team of designers, journalists and musicians who make up Kurz Gesagt want to make science look beautiful, and they succeed quite nicely. They also do an excellent job of explaining The Fermi Paradox, which questions why we have not been visited by aliens, or […]

Shelf Life Episode 5: How To Time Travel To a Star

In Shelf Life Episode 5 we get to learn how astronomers collect baseline data over time, and collate it into a meaningful picture about how stellar phenomena change in periods as short as generations. The common belief in scientific circles used to be that stellar events either happened overnight, like supernovas, or took tens of […]

Dawn Makes It To Ceres

The NASA spacecraft Dawn became the first man made object to go into orbit around a dwarf planet this month. Ceres holds that distinction, along with Pluto, but Ceres is a lot closer and easier to get to. This wasn’t Dawn’s first visit to a celestial body; it stopped off at the giant asteroid Vesta […]

SDO: 5 Years And Counting

NASA celebrated 5 years worth of data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory by putting together this collection of some of the best imagery they have gathered. They also opened the Solarium at the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Visitor Center in Greenbelt, MD, where you can get up close and personal with the project’s rich harvest […]