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Something to Do: Movies

There isn’t much on offer this week, although Realive has some serious potential if they did it right; I missed it when it was on Sci-Fi, so I don’t really know. I am definitely not going to bother to see the remake of the horror flick Flatliners. The one film that looks like it could […]

Something to Do: Movies

We get several interesting options this weekend, and while Power Rangers looks pretty campy just like it should, it also looks like they might take a more serious shot at the franchise. Leaning to the Horror side, Life has six astronauts vs. a single celled organism returned from Mars that can out-think them. In the […]

Something to Do: Movies

The winner this week has to be Kung-Fu Yoga, Jackie Chan in a comedic adventure that is a joint venture between Bollywood and Chinese film production companies. And yes, that does mean he gets to sing and dance in this one, as shown in the trailer I just recently posted. It should be playing in […]

Kung Fu Yoga trailer

Another good Jackie Chan film coming out later this year is Kung Fu Yoga, and the trailer looks quite amusing. This Bollywood/Chinese hybrid film should be the second in a series, since Jackie previously played an archeologist running all over the place while hunting a treasure down. That was in The Myth in 2005, with […]

Something to Do: Movies

Clive Owens and Morgan Freeman star in Last Knights, an epic fantasy adventure about the fight for freedom and justice against those who seek to oppress. The reviews have not been great, but it could be entertaining. I am a bit more interested in Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, taking place in 1943 Calcutta, with a full […]

Kill Dil: Music and Trailer.

The entire collection of excellent audio from Kill Dil, the Bollywood variation on Kill Bill, sort of. Except with a different plot, a great collection of music, and you can dance to it! It should only take you about 40 minutes to go through the entire collection, and you can follow that by watching the […]

Someething to Do: Movies, 25Oct13

The one film that looks like fun this week is Mickey Virus, a Bollywood comedy about a computer hacker, his tomboy sidekick, his imaginary girlfriend (which he programmed into a computer game), a whole lot of police, and the computer hackers he has to stop.

Something to Do: Movies

There aren’t any US Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies coming out this weekend, but there is a Bollywood film that will hit the screens this week or next: It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, about an Indian mother who takes her obsession with marriage into the serial killer zone. This one is a romantic comedy horror movie, another […]

Enthiran: The Robot

It looks like the movie to hold the record so far for the most expensive Bollywood film is Enthiran: The Robot, due out at the end of September. It is even more interesting that this is a total Science Fiction story line, since India does so little Sci-Fi; their strong suit is definitely closer to […]