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October 2014
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Arthur isn’t Rory

Arthur Darvill played the part of Rory Williams in Doctor Who, but these days he is starring in a musical in London called Once. Because he wants everyone to know this, he went on BBC1 and sang this rather silly song, using Let It Go for the musical inspiration.

Something to Watch: DVDs

Not much in movies this time except for re-releases. In TV we have Doctor Who: The Web of Fear, a Patrick Troughton era tale that has not been seen as a complete story since it first aired. They managed to find most of the episodes recently, and have used an original audio recording and some [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs

In Movies, I have to name The Secret Life of Walter Mitty first, because they truly did an amazing job on the remake of this film. It is one of the few instances where I liked the re-imaged version better than the original, it is just that good. Switch with Andy Lau is a twisty [...]

HHGTTG 30th Anniversary Edition Game

Probably the first computer playable game I ever got addicted to was the HHGTTG from Infocom, although 9 Princes In Amber and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were both hot on its heels. Now you can play the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game 30th Anniversary Edition online at BBC Radio for an updated retro gaming [...]

Something to Read: Discworld

I know that lots of sites are doing April Fools gags today, but I would rather talk about Terry Pratchett’s wonderful creation Discworld which overall is funnier than most of the pranks going on. In all it comes to about 40 books these days, with hopefully at least a few more waiting to make it [...]

Raising Steam Buildables

I picked up Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam when I was in the UK for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration last November, it is a wonderful book you really ought to read. Now they have put together a great little collection of the characters and objects from that story as PDF files that you can [...]

Happy Birthday, Doctor Fan

My friend Shawn just celebrated his birthday the other week, and this is the cake his wife got for him. It is always a good thing to be appreciated for who you really are; happy birthday, Shawn!

Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013

This video really is Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013, as compiled by the good folks at BabelColour. 13 Doctors in 13 minutes! And they don’t (he doesn’t would be more accurate, for even if his videos are group efforts, there is only one mind driving these productions) just cover the primary TV series; they also [...]

Ylvis: Fox

I couldn’t help it, this song was too much fun. I Kveld Med YLVIS isn’t a band, it is a Norwegian talk/variety show with an attitude, and they originally did this track as another comedy skit on their show. It went somewhat viral, pulling in 359,757,676 views (as of the last time I checked), the [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 11Feb14

In movies, Ender’s Game was one of the rare films that is true to the book it is based on; both versions are telling exactly the same story. With an excellent cast, powerful performances, and amazing special effects, it is definitely worth joining anyone’s permanent collection. I don’t remember seeing The Adventurer: The Curse of [...]