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July 2014
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Happy Birthday, Doctor Fan

My friend Shawn just celebrated his birthday the other week, and this is the cake his wife got for him. It is always a good thing to be appreciated for who you really are; happy birthday, Shawn!

Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013

This video really is Doctor Who: Every Story 1963-2013, as compiled by the good folks at BabelColour. 13 Doctors in 13 minutes! And they don’t (he doesn’t would be more accurate, for even if his videos are group efforts, there is only one mind driving these productions) just cover the primary TV series; they also [...]

Ylvis: Fox

I couldn’t help it, this song was too much fun. I Kveld Med YLVIS isn’t a band, it is a Norwegian talk/variety show with an attitude, and they originally did this track as another comedy skit on their show. It went somewhat viral, pulling in 359,757,676 views (as of the last time I checked), the [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 11Feb14

In movies, Ender’s Game was one of the rare films that is true to the book it is based on; both versions are telling exactly the same story. With an excellent cast, powerful performances, and amazing special effects, it is definitely worth joining anyone’s permanent collection. I don’t remember seeing The Adventurer: The Curse of [...]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Soundtracks

The 50th Anniversary was in November, but there are still a lot of fun things being released for it. One of those things is the from Silva Screen, in three different assortments. The important one to be aware of is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary presentation, which includes 129 different musical pieces.

Something to Do: Movies, 7Feb13

There are an assortment of fun films coming to the big screen this week, starting with Vampire Academy, an action/comedy/fantasy that has an excellent soundtrack. If you want to skip the action component, try out The Lego Movie for a dose of pure silly fun. Also in the silly fun category although not strictly genre, [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs

In Movies About Time is a romantic fantasy involving the Groundhog Day premise; you do each important event over until you get it right. It was in the theaters just a month or two back, I feel certain they are going after the Valentine crowd with this one. It is a very nicely done movie [...]

Something to Do: Movies, 17Jan14

We get animated silliness this week in the form of The Nut Job, a comedy about some overly ambitious squirrels who destroy their home while trying to stock up for winter. Also out this week is Collider, which looks pretty interesting. The official site is a bit unclear as to what country it is coming [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 31Dec13

Shaolin Warrior comes very close to being genre, since all martial arts movies are fantasy films at heart. I don’t mean because of the various gods and demons that sometimes populate them, that is a matter of personal belief and spiritual worldview. I am referring to the superhero-like powers the fighters have, which enable them [...]

Again With The Pictures

In my book, it’s still the holidays until we hit New Years, so one more set of images is allowed. This time around it is the star at Seven Dials, and some more stars from just a few blocks away. Blocks is kind of a lose term in London, and any other city that is [...]