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Special Who Clip for Children in Need Tomorrow!

Tomorrow the BBC will be airing its annual Children In Need charity drive, and as part of the presentation they will Preview the Doctor Who Christmas Special. The exclusive clip will see the 12th Doctor and Nardole team up with an investigative reporter (think Lois Lane) and a Masked Vigilante to protect New York from […]

Doctor Who Comics Humble Bundle

This time around Humble Bundle is offering a Doctor Who Comics Bundle currently with about 50 titles in it. If you haven’t hit Humble Bundle before, they have deals on various nerd-approved things, often including ebooks, games, and audio dramas. You get to select what price you will pay, but if you pay above a […]

Sherlock: Nerd HQ 2016, Series 4 Teaser

I have always been a Holmes fan, and Sherlock is the best there has ever been. So here are two offerings from this weekends Comic Con event, the new trailer, and the related gathering from Nerd HQ 2016 which benefited Operation Smile this year. The sessions of this project are referred to as A Conversation […]

The Doctor for Red Nose Day 2011

Under the tag line Do something funny for money, the annual charity event Red Nose Day is coming around in the UK again on the 18th. Also known as Comic Relief, this gets a full day of support and special programing from the BBC on several of their channels, including BBC 3, BBC Radio 1, […]

Star Wars Charity Car Wash

I am having a serious chuckle to myself over this one. It seems the folks at AOTS have gathered up a bunch of start wars fans and are running a charity car wash this Saturday in LA. So for $10 you can have your car washed by a hoard of Stormtroopers or a fleet of […]