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April 2014
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SIGGRAPH University Free Graphics Training

SIGGRAPH is a venerable name in the world of computer graphics, the name itself being their usenet newsgroup identifier, Special Interest Group, Graphics, from the days before the Web. At last year’s ACM SIGGRAPH convention, for the first time they held a series of four classes they consolidated under the banner of SIGGRAPH University. They [...]

AV Linux 6.0.2

AV Linux is another incredibly powerful boot-from-DVD build focused on a specialist task set and workflow, and once again it is centered around audio/video production (hence the name). It has all the tools most of us will ever need to create, edit, and compile our projects into coherent multimedia presentations. Like most Linux builds, the [...]

Live Action Ghost In The Shell director chosen

It looks like Dreamworks is going ahead with their live action production of Ghost In The Shell, since they have now brought in Rupert Sanders to direct it. This classic Masamune Shirow cyberpunk story is an examination of what it means to be human in this increasingly technological age, where the line between man and [...]

Musix GNU+Linux 3.0

The Musix Linux Live and Install build was originally built strictly for music creators of all kinds, but with the release this week of the stable version of Musix GNU+Linux 3.0 they have expanded out to include some graphics and video creation software. One of the strong points of this Distro is that everything included [...]

Sci-Fi Fonts For Your Own Creations

If you are building your own artwork, or animations, or videos, or perhaps a button set for a web site, it can be fun and useful to have some Science Fiction Fonts in your toolkit to give a bit of flavor to your creations. A great place to start is with the complete Futurama suite. [...]

NASA’s Valkyrie Robot gearing up for Mars

The NASA Valkyrie Robot looks like a useful toy to have to help build the Mars base, or any other non-terrestrial habitat. Unfortunately it didn’t do so good in the Darpa Challenge, tying for last place, but NASA JPL’s Robosimian came in at 5th place.

Ubuntu Studio Live DVD

Another excellent collection of creative software for the artist, animator, movie maker, musician, and publisher built into a Boot-From-DVD Live distro, Ubuntu Studio is ready to help you make some amazing stuff. While they don’t have the huge range of software Open Artist contains, what they do have still covers a lot of ground, and [...]

Robocop Trailer

More than a trailer, a bit less than a featurette, it looks like they are doing a first class job of relaunching the Robocop franchise. And for the easily confused, no, this was not filmed at CES the other week. Looks like it could have been, though.

Open Artist LiveDVD

If you are an artist or creative media enthusiast of any kind, I would like to recommend the boot-from-DVD Linux build known as Open Artist. They took the kitchen sink approach, throwing in every piece of free and open source software that might be useful, and compiled them into folders organized by the type of [...]

Something to Do: Movies, 10Jan14

Her opened in very limited release back in December, this week it goes into wide release, after winning a number of awards. The Legend of Hercules also comes out this Friday, and it looks like they took some pains to keep it close to the original story line. In somewhat more limited release is EVANGELION: [...]