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MechaCon is Comming

MechaCon is the largest Anime Con in New Orleans, and runs this year from August 23rd to the 25th. There will be a ton of things going on there, including Cosplay and AMV competitions, with a wide range of guests to see and events to attend. What makes this memorable for me is the Red […]

The Luggage Is Tired

It has been quite the expedition this week, with all kinds of amazing and exciting events, but it has also been exhausting, and at this point even The Luggage is ready to go home and take a break. We will all be resting up and thinking about everything we want to make sure we can […]

NADWCon Starts Today

Today is the opening ceremony at the NADWCon, or North American Discworld Con, in Baltimore, MD. Obviously Sir Terry Pratchett is the Guest of Honor, but a lot of other folks will be there as well, including another favorite satirical author of mine, Esther M. Friesner. I recommend haunting the media area, in case you […]

The Luggage Is Eager

It appears the luggage is eager and hungry to be loaded and prepared for the next expedition. Always a good sign when you are gearing up for a vacation in Discworld, or anywhere else where misplacing your luggage could be catastrophic. After all, it is difficult to lose anything which is determined to follow you […]

We Didn’t Start The Turtle

Like all good filk artists Danielle Clarke took a tune that everyone knows and added some Sci-Fi/Fantasy lyrics, in this instance all about Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld series. I find this appropriate because NADWCon, the North American Disc World Con, takes place July 5th through the 8th in Baltimore, MD. Unfortunately the audio quality of this […]

Con Creep Avoidance

This video was labeled How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper, and while I think my own title of Con Creep Avoidance was more succinct it didn’t fully convey the concept. These are a few basic rules (and I mean REALLY basic, if you need to study these in detail you probably want to […]

Worldcon Weekend

Yes, it is Worldcon time again, this time with Chicon 7, the 70th annual World Science Fiction Convention. It started on Thursday, august 30th, and runs through the holiday weekend, with an incredible line up of guests and events. One of the most important events each year is the presentation of the Hugo Awards, which […]

Local cable just added MNet!

I am happy to report my local cable system just added MNet America to the channel lineup. They were already running two Korean channels, two Japanese channels, over 10 Chinese channels, 6 Indian channels (4 in Hindi, one in Punjabi, one in a language I didn’t recognize), 3 Filipino channels, a Vietnamese channel, and a […]

THR Women of Comic-Con

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to drop into The Hollywood Reporter web site and check out their Women of Comic-Con video roundtable. They have assembled a great group of actresses sharing thoughts on their shows and some other topics of interest. It comes in 10 small video segments, and start’s off with […]

Sci-Fi London 11 Film Festival

The 11th annual Sci-Fi London Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film kicks off on Tuesday, the 1st, with a ton of great stuff going on. They will be doing 6 world premieres including the Steampunkish Death, the claustrophobic True Love, and the rather impressive Memory Lane, said to be made for $300.