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March 2015
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Con Creep Avoidance

This video was labeled How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper, and while I think my own title of Con Creep Avoidance was more succinct it didn’t fully convey the concept. These are a few basic rules (and I mean REALLY basic, if you need to study these in detail you probably want to [...]

Happy Holidaze!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season this year, and gearing up for another exciting round for next year. I thought I would share one of my favorite Elfbot images a good friend made of me. And before you laugh, trust me when I say this is no where near as silly as the [...]

Worldcon Weekend

Yes, it is Worldcon time again, this time with Chicon 7, the 70th annual World Science Fiction Convention. It started on Thursday, august 30th, and runs through the holiday weekend, with an incredible line up of guests and events. One of the most important events each year is the presentation of the Hugo Awards, which [...]


This weekend is Otakon, the by fans, for fans convention covering Manga, Anime, and all things Asian pop culture like. It takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center and the surrounding Baltimore Inner Harbor from July 29th through the 31st. Their schedule is huge, and for the last handful of years they have sold out [...]

Brainwave Powered Cat Ears

For all those Neko moments, this is the unbeatable apparel accessory; brainwave powered cat ears by NeuroWear. The first video is their commercial, the second is various people at a Con trying them out and getting them to react. Two details immediately spring to mind while watching these, the first being that in the tryouts, [...]

Happy Easter Weekend

Big Screen Anime on Saturday

This Saturday, April 2nd, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. will be doing the Ninth Annual National Cherry Blossom Festival Anime Marathon. As usual Otakorp (the folks who bring you Otakon each year) are co-sponsors for the event, and the D.C. Anime Club will be helping to host it, also as usual. This year’s presentation [...]

Cosplay Moments 2

Doing the first Cosplay video montages (a fancy word for slide shows) brought back so many memories for me the other week, I figured I had to do it again. Cosplay is a way to express yourself you usually can not do without risking psychiatric ward time; thank ghod for Cons!

Dance Trooper in Shibuya; Dance Vader in Shinjuku

This really doesn’t need an explanation, but for the terminally confused the Tokyo Storm Trooper is none other than world famous Otaku Danny Choo. If you want to know what is new and exciting in the way of Japanese Science Fiction, Anime, Manga, Music, and all aspects of Pop Culture, you need to watch his [...]

Cosplay Moments

Just a few videos I have enjoyed with some tasty Cosplay this year. Some of the best creativity I know goes into creating costumes, whether for Halloween or Comic-Con or Movies. I figure it is worth a pause every so often to enjoy the better ones, and the first two in this set are from [...]