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OLDCODEX is one of the bands playing the Anisong World Matsuri in just two weeks, so this seemed like a good time to share some of their music. The first track is Walk, the ending theme from the Anime Kuroko’s Basketball, the second is Aching Horns from the Anime Feature Film High Speed! -Free! Starting […]

Anisong World Matsuri

The Anisong World Matsuri takes place July 2nd and 3rd as part of Anime Expo, pretty much North America’s most intense Anime Con. The musical line up is amazing, with 9 artists including:

Eir Aoi (Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, Kill la Kill, more) Flow (Naruto, Eureka seveN, more) JAM Project (MACROSS 7, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, […]

VR: Björk: Stonemilker

Björk’s Stonemilker is a 360 degree video that she posted around this time in 2015, ready to be played in your VR headset of choice (as previously mentioned, mine is Google Cardboard). Before it was released to You Tube it was a Museum of Modern Art installation in the VW Dome, where they set up […]

VR: BBC Taster

BBC Taster is the experimental site for the development of digital content and emerging technology, and it is chock full of both 360 degree videos as well as true VR experiences, which are well worth exploring. In my mind, the difference between the two is interactivity; if you can click on icons to change the […]

Fishman Embassy Series Jazz 2016: Japan

The Fishman Artist Embassy Series is a presentation of the DC Jazz Festival, which celebrates Jazz from around the world. Each participating embassy hosts a concert of one of their countries most celebrated Jazz artists in a series that runs from April to June, with this years contributors including Spain, France, Italy, and Japan. The […]

VR: Shot from a Cannon Over Tokyo

A new VR ride lives on top of a 60 story building in Tokyo, which lets you have the experience of being shot out of a cannon, off the roof and across the city. They have another VR ride on the same top floor I am much more likely to go for, where you swing […]

Something to Stream: My Hero Academia Launch Party

The My Hero Academia launch party will be streaming live online over at Funimation beginning at 1AM Eastern Time this Sunday, April 3rd. Usually when a new show launches they just play the first episode an hour or half a day after it airs in Tokyo. This time, there will be live pre-show and post-show […]

VR: Dreams of Dali

For decades Virtual Reality has been expensive and flaky, but no more; this is the year it goes mainstream and affordable. Part of that is because of projects like Google Cardboard, allowing you to assemble your own VR headset for as little as $150 (cell phone, head set, and trigger button). Until recently there has […]

Geminid Meteor Shower

This year the Geminid meteor shower peaks on the 14th, but numbers will be high from December 13th through the 15th. If we get clear skies the viewing should include fainter meteors since the moon will not be overhead during the event, which means 60 to 100 visible per hour, or better than 1 a […]

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

It is October 13th, which means it is Ada Lovelace Day, the woman who invented computer programming in the early 1800s. There are quite a few postings on Twitter celebrating the women of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), along with radio and TV programs like this one from the BBC.