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August 2016
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Something to Stream: Dining with the Chef

The NHK has launched VOD online, and if you love Japanese food you have to watch Dining with the Chef. While the Video On Demand site itself only has links to the last 2 episodes of each of the shows it is carrying, if you go to the main Dining with the Chef web site [...]

Someting to Do: Movies

Tomorrow Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie is on the big screen, and I will definitely be in the theater to see it! When we hit the weekend, another wacky Simon Pegg comedy comes along: Man Up. All about mistaken identity, blind dates, and taking chances, this British/French film came out last May in [...]

The Assassin

The epic historical fantasy The Assassin has some of the best cinematography I have seen in many years, and deserves to be watched on that count alone. But when you add in the plot and the sub plots, the characters, the costumes, the FX, the sets, the props, and all the other details that go [...]

The Avenging Fist trailer

Well Go USA recently released The Avenging Fist on DVD, a combat fantasy in a future where all weapons are outlawed. The super-powers of the human brain have been unlocked by the Power Glove, which is in the hands of the police. Some of the few remaining survivors of the Glove’s human experiments band together [...]

Something to Do: Movies

Wednesday we get Attack on Titan: Part 1, and while it is in somewhat limited release it is still in a number of theaters per city. Thanks to Funimation for setting up the network of digital theaters this live action movie duo will be showing in. Friday we get The Martian, another film I have [...]

Dick and the Back Beats

Dick and the Back Beats are quite a bit of fun, being a German band playing Rockabilly versions of classic 1980s New Wave songs. The first track is Just Can’t Get Enough from 2011, the second is Just The Way You Are which arrived by way of Filtr Germany. There are several more excellent songs [...]

Zaschitniki Guardians trailer

Russia is finally producing a superhero movie under the title Zaschitniki (The Guardians), and the trailer looks quite good. In a parallel timeline during the height of the Cold War, the superheroes are gathered together from the different countries under Russian rule, each heroes powers reflecting the strengths of their homelands. They must protect their [...]

Guano Apes

The German band Guano Apes got together in 1994 and they have been creating solid rock music ever since, with the occasional break. The first track is Close To The Sun from their new album Offline, the second is 2014′s Fake, released on the same album. The final song is Sandra Nasic singing Fever, possibly [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

In movies we get The Divergent Series: Insurgent, based on book two of the trilogy written be Veronica Roth. Again, why it is called a trilogy when it is 4 books long escapes me, but that worked just fine for Douglas Adams and it seems to work here as well. Epic fantasy at its finest, [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

This week we get the award winning White God, a movie about dogs in organized revolution, which shares an attitude with the recent reboot of Planet of the Apes. It is unusual and has a lot of critical acclaim, and while it is in Hungarian it has English subtitles, so you won’t have any problem [...]