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March 2015
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Something to Do: Movies, 4Apr14

The definite winner this week is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I am more than ready for the next chapter in this franchise. There are a double handful of lesser works also available this time around, including The Pirate Fairy from Disney, Jinn from Exxodus Pictures, and Under the Skin, the other film that [...]

Something to Do: Movies, 25Dec13

One of the movies hitting the big screen this week is a remake of the classic 47 Ronin. While I am not sure how Keanu Reeves ended up starring in a Japanese Historical Epic Chushingura, it looks like a good addition to a true story that has been done as kabuki, bunraku, stage plays, films, [...]

50 Kaitans

Classic Rockabilly with a modern Japanese band, or maybe that is Punk, or perhaps Ska. Or something else; it gets hard to tell after a certain point, but they certainly play with enthusiasm. Myself, I suspect they might be channeling The Ramon’s and the Fine Young Cannibals by way of Chuck Berry and The Beatles. [...]

The First Doctor Psudo Painting

I continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and wanted to create my own images to use as wallpaper, icons, buttons, and other applications. For this set, my inspiration was an art form developed somewhere between 1880 and WWII, where they only had the chemical set to capture black and white photographs. They [...]

Doctor Who Domination rollout

The Doctor Who Domination is now in place; we are talking only days before the 50th anniversary celebration happens, so brace yourself. Starting Monday, BBC America will start the countdown on some killer Doctor Who programming, and the rest of the world will be doing the same thing. I expect to see some excellent video [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 5Nov13

In film, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey leads us off, and if you don’t already know all about this one you haven’t been distracted, you’ve been comatose. Computer Chess is set in a 1980 tournament where some of the best programmers in the world got together to run their programs against one another [...]

New (Old) Doctor Who, download now!!!

It is a serious treat to learn they recently recovered 11 old Doctor Who episodes from a storage closet in Nigeria, 9 of which have not been seen since they originally aired! And now we can watch the first few. They have already digitally remastered two of them and made them available for download on [...]

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

After watching the Smashing Pumpkins Steampunk song back in 2009 (the link has been removed or I would have it here), I had to track down the original 1902 French movie that inspired the video segment. Based on the 1865 story From The Earth To The Moon by Jules Verne, the movie was created by [...]

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland trailer

From the folks who are doing Once Upon A Time, another twisty little show, this time redoing Alice for modern times: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. It hits the small screen (OK, not so small for those who have 4K TVs with a huge screen, but lots of us are still watching in SD) [...]

Something to Do: Movies, 20Sep13

The Colony is about the survivors of humanity, living underground to escape the never ending winter that has taken over the planet. If that doesn’t interest you, The Wizard of Oz: 3D is an IMAX 3D processed run of the original 1939 classic. I am going to be at that one, if only because I [...]