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March 2015
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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Just a few tracks from the world class Tokyo Ska Paradise to travel with you on your journey through this holiday weekend, starting with their 2009 release Pride Of Lions. The next song is a collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Asian Kung Fu Generation called Wake Up which came out this past June, [...]

Hikaru Utada’s Beautiful World

The new incarnation of Evangelion is taking forever to be released but Hikaru Utada’s excellent closing theme for it, Beautiful World, became available online the other week, so I had to post it here. The music video is directed by Tsurumaki Kazuya, who also co-directs the films in the reboot of the franchise, and the visuals [...]

Męskie Granie Orkiestra

The first track is 2014′s Elektryczny, the second is 2012′s Ognia!, and the third is 2013′s Jutro jest dziś. The Męskie Granie Orkiestra (Men Playing Orchestra) is one of the more interesting bands to come out of Poland this decade. A big chunk of the reason is they are more of a project than a [...]

Ex Hex on WNYC

Ex Hex is Pop Punk for today, and they do sound quite tasty. The tracks below are from their recent live visit to Soundcheck WNYC-FM, and should give you an idea of what this band is about. You can hear more of their songs at their home page, including some from their recent session at [...]

SCANDAL World Tour

SCANDAL are four women who can seriously rock, and they have announced there will be US dates on their upcoming world tour, Hello World. So far they only have dates and cities listed for Japan, with the tour there scheduled from January through March, to be followed by stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, the [...]

Tokyo Ska Paradise

One of the best, and therefor longest lasting, Ska bands from Japan is Tokyo Ska Paradise. The first track is Diamond In Your Heart released in July, the second is SUIKINKUTSU featuring the Piano goodness of Hiromi Uehara. The third song is Sky without Canary with Chibayuusuke of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant fame on vocals [...]

MAVEN on Planetary Radio Live

This Sunday, 21Sep14, The Planetary Society will be doing a special live broadcast to welcome MAVEN to Mars: Planetary Radio Live: MAVEN Arrives at Mars. It starts at 6PM on the west coast, 9PM on the east, and I have no idea what time it will be on Mars. If you happen to be in [...]


Not an aspect of Korean pop music you usually hear much from on this side of the Pacific, K-Jazz has some quite tasty examples, and I thought I would share a few this week. The first track is Bank by Puer Kim from her new mini-album Purifier. She isn’t singing about money here, but how [...]

Wye Oak Live

Wye Oak played quite a tasty set when they were on KEXP last month, and after the 15th time I went back and re-listened to it I realized I needed to share it. The band is a couple of very interesting people from Baltimore, MD, named Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner, who have had tracks [...]

Hendrix at Woodstock

If you were there, you know there is no way to make anyone who wasn’t understand the experience. This is the set that closed the show, on Monday morning, August 18th, at 8AM. Of course, it was supposed to happen on Sunday night, but the entire event was running on hippy time, and by the [...]