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October 2016
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Qaijff’s second mini album Life is Wonderful was released a last week, and the first track is the first song on the disc, Wonderful Life. They started playing as a band in April of 2012 and had so much fun they have been doing it ever since. The second song is Organism from their 2015 [...]

Chu’s Day

Chu’s day is a high energy J-Rock girls band from downtown Tokyo who seem to be playing live somewhere every day. In fact it was difficult finding official studio tracks to post, most of their official videos are them playing live in some club or at some event. The first track is Rocking Shoes, the [...]

JJ Abrams sings Cantina Music

On Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) JJ Abrams sang along with Lin-Manuel Miranda, doing the Cantina Music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, called Jabba Flow. If you would like to hear the entire song, hit the Star Wars web site, or if you would like it in your permanent collection [...]


Akashic has only been together for a couple of years, and has two mini-albums under their belt, one in 2014, the other this past March. They have the kind of high energy pop sound that makes me think they would do very well doing anime intro songs, but so far I haven’t located any titles [...]

Local Connect

Local Connect has a 2nd Mini Album out now called 7RAILS, and the first song here is the first track on that album, Gold. Their first mini-album came out in June of 2015, one of the songs on it was the closing theme for the Anime My Love Story, Where to Find Happiness. The second [...]


The band Vianka are playing a musical style known as Shimokitazawa Guitar Rock, a neighborhood of Tokyo that rose up and became the center of Japanese Indie music in the 90s, and continues to hold that place today. The first track is Sympathy of Only One, and I find myself loving it as much for [...]

Contemporary Life

A less than subtle band, Contemporary Life is a blast of fresh air from Asia, an Alt Rock band from Osaka. The first track is Husky Girl, the second track is Yankee Girl, and they are both quite energetic and worth your time to check out. Then there is Let’s Go Gedo (Let’s Go heresy) [...]

Shout it Out

Shout it Out is a J-Rock band formed in 2013; the first song here is Light Of The Song from December of 2015, the second is 17-year-old from about 6 months earlier, and the third is from just last week or so, Backlit. This band has some promise and potential, so I had to share [...]


Ganglion is an excellent hard core rock girl band out of Japan you should definitely be listening to. The first track is their most recent release Never Ever Again, which came out this past October and was also the name of their just completed world tour. Next is Save Your Heart from last July, also [...]


Released last week, Flumpool‘s new CD includes the theme song for the TV and Movie series Ajin: Demi-Human, Yoru Wa Nemurerukai? (Can You Sleep At Night?), which is the first track here. The Anime series itself just started airing in January, and runs for 13 episodes. This song was also the OP for the trilogy [...]