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December 2016
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Taka Covers

Taka of One OK Rock recently posted a few covers online, and they are fairly amazing. The first is Zayn’s song Pillowtalk, and I thought it strange he was covering a former One Direction singer’s work until I saw and heard the original version of the song. The second track is Adele’s powerful anthem Hello, […]

Hello Sleepwalkers 360

The new Hello Sleepwalkers release is Planless Perfection, which they rolled out back in March, and the VR style 360 degree song posted first is from that album. I recommend putting on your VR headset and best set of headphones for that one; being surrounded by the band while they play is quite a nice […]


OLDCODEX is one of the bands playing the Anisong World Matsuri in just two weeks, so this seemed like a good time to share some of their music. The first track is Walk, the ending theme from the Anime Kuroko’s Basketball, the second is Aching Horns from the Anime Feature Film High Speed! -Free! Starting […]


This week a few additional tracks from J-Pop band frederic (no, I have no idea why their name is un-capitalized). The first is Tomei-ningen (Invisible Man) posted last October, the second is Only Wonder, posted online on May 12th of this year.


Sekirara has a great sound and a lot of energy, as you can hear. The band formed in July of 2014, played live shows all over Japan, and started releasing singles in the middle of 2015. The first track is I Want To Be In Your Memory Long Even One Second from their second demo […]


Qaijff’s second mini album Life is Wonderful was released a last week, and the first track is the first song on the disc, Wonderful Life. They started playing as a band in April of 2012 and had so much fun they have been doing it ever since. The second song is Organism from their 2015 […]

Chu’s Day

Chu’s day is a high energy J-Rock girls band from downtown Tokyo who seem to be playing live somewhere every day. In fact it was difficult finding official studio tracks to post, most of their official videos are them playing live in some club or at some event. The first track is Rocking Shoes, the […]

JJ Abrams sings Cantina Music

On Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) JJ Abrams sang along with Lin-Manuel Miranda, doing the Cantina Music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, called Jabba Flow. If you would like to hear the entire song, hit the Star Wars web site, or if you would like it in your permanent collection […]


Akashic has only been together for a couple of years, and has two mini-albums under their belt, one in 2014, the other this past March. They have the kind of high energy pop sound that makes me think they would do very well doing anime intro songs, but so far I haven’t located any titles […]

Local Connect

Local Connect has a 2nd Mini Album out now called 7RAILS, and the first song here is the first track on that album, Gold. Their first mini-album came out in June of 2015, one of the songs on it was the closing theme for the Anime My Love Story, Where to Find Happiness. The second […]