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April 2014
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More Chameleon Circuit

I have posted tunes from Chameleon Circuit here before, and now I am doing it again. They got to record this one actually on the TARDIS set, as part pf the 50th anniversary celebration. I say they, it is mostly Alex Day and friends. It looked like so much fun I had to not only [...]

More J-Alt Rock

The song is from Simple Plan, the song Summer Paradise, featuring the vocal work of Taka from One OK Rock, one of the best Alt Rock bands from Japan. This is one of the more interesting songs since The Lazy Song sung by Bruno Mars and featuring Leonard Nimoy in the video. Come to think [...]


It doesn’t sound any different than you would expect to hear here… and that is the point, isn’t it? Some things become a universal language, just by the nature of the device. This particular collection is from Japan, but it could have been from Ireland or Siberia or San Francisco for all the human ear [...]

Wallace and Gromit Music

OK, this one is just downright silly, but has the same cunning as Bernstein’s Peter And The Wolf. Tricking children into becoming music lovers by explaining to them what is going on, or by making sure they get to attend a presentation by a live orchestra. I don’t care which method is used, I enjoy [...]

New Terry Pratchett Radio Play (and App)!

BBC Radio 4 starts a new radio play with Terry Pratchett’s Eric tomorrow. They have broken the story into four parts, with part one airing at 2300 GMT on Wednesday, March 6th. If you want to get an idea of what you can expect, listen to the clip and try not to hurt yourself laughing. [...]

Nerdcore Sci-Friday

Science Friday will be covering the impact of Sequestration on science and research tomorrow, but they also have a very fun guest: MC Frontalot. He’s not the only Nerdcore artist, but he is my favorite, and he just came out with a new CD, his 5th. Nerdcore is hip-hop for nerds, about computers, video games, [...]

Classic Radio Plays

BBC Radio 4 Extra always runs some great radio plays; this week alone you can hear Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Systers and a series of short Sci-Fi stories turned into audio books on Brian Aldus Presents. If you hit their Schedule for this week you can hit Monday and start from the beginning, as they let [...]

New Sarah Jane Adventures

Or at least new to me; they have been running The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Glittering Storm over on BBC4 Extra this week, with Liz Sladen doing the reading. I am hoping they have a bunch more from her, so there are still more new adventures even though she is gone. If you missed any [...]

Discovery Landing

A short piece of audio of the Discovery landing, which took place in June of 2008. Just one of a large collection of interesting sound files you can access from Hark Dot Com. Provided I can get this player properly embedded, of course… should be just above this text.

Oppa Style, Korea Olympics

Bet you didn’t know Psy’s world wide surprise hit Gangnam Style had a parallel recording, called Oppa Is Just My Style. It features the actress/singer Hyuna, who was also in his video, just like he is in hers of this same song. If you are a fan of energetic dancing, you should check out the [...]