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February 2017
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I have to say Osaka band ЯeaL lead singer and songwriter Ryoko can definitely belt out a tune. Their first album came out in 2014 under the name Change Your ЯeaL, with this first track being called Senaka Awase. The amazing part of this group is not so much that they were in high school […]

More METAFIVE, Please!

The band MetaFive gets better with every new song they release, and they were excellent to start off with. The first track is the Studio Live version of Chemical posted on November 2nd, the second is Musical Chairs posted 5 days later on the 7th. Both songs are from their latest release: METAHALF, a five […]

Chu’s Day Revisited

A great little J-Rock band out of Tokyo, Chu’s Day has released more music since I posted last time, so here are a few more tracks. The first is Hip Hip Hooray which went online in August, the second is HOT GIRL from July, and the third is Glory Days

Abney Park

They are Steampunk music at its finest, and Abney Park has a new album called Under The Floor, Over The Wall which goes on sale today. The first track is Your Escape, the second is No Way Out, both from the new album.


Just posted online last week, Yolo is the latest track from BAND-MAID, Japans leading Kawaii Heavy Metal band. OK, that last statement is up for debate, with bands like Baby Metal and Doll$ Boxx in the running for that title. Yolo is also the name of their second single, in this case a single with […]

Rose Windows

From February of 2015, the band Rose Windows doing the christening of the new live studio at listener supported KEXP in Seattle. I think they broke up about 6 months after this recording, but they left three very interesting albums as their legacy.

Story of Hope

The Power Punk/Doujin band Story of Hope burst on the Indi scene in April of 2013, selling CDs in the back of the halls where they played. In 2015 their Historia EP was released nationally and immediately outsold everything they had done to date, earning them a small but intensely devoted audience. The first track […]

The Balconies

The Balconies are a Canadian Alt Rock band (emphasis on the Rock) operating out of Toronto these days. Their first album was released in 2014, and they have put out quite a few good songs in a fairly short span of time. The first track was posted a few weeks ago, Money Money, the second […]

PASSEPIED: Hyper Realist

The art rock band PASSEPIED just posted a new track this week called Hyper Realist, the first displayed here, and as always it is just as much about the visuals as it is about the music. I had to also include TOKINOWA, their ending theme to the anime Rin-Ne, a story about shepherding lost souls […]

Taka Covers

Taka of One OK Rock recently posted a few covers online, and they are fairly amazing. The first is Zayn’s song Pillowtalk, and I thought it strange he was covering a former One Direction singer’s work until I saw and heard the original version of the song. The second track is Adele’s powerful anthem Hello, […]