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December 2014
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The feminine duet YanaKiku have a light, energetic pop style with some good harmonies and a unique stage presence. The unusual outfits they are wearing they call Kimo-Cos by which they mean Kimono Cosplay, which all by itself would make them a perfect band for any Anime Con to invite to their stage. Since they [...]

Tango Alpha Tango

Tango Alpha Tango is an amazing band, and not very long ago they got to present a whole mini-concert over at KEXP-FM. That is a worthwhile endeavor for any group, check out their performance and see what you think.

Extremity Maiden Guess

The band is possibly called Extremity Maiden Guess, and the first track is Killer Ball, an interesting combination of Jazz, Progressive Rock, and Rap, done so the words become another part of the rhythm driving the music. That track was from their second mini-album; the next one is Take Off That Dress from their first [...]


This week we have the music of Shishamo, a relatively new band who debuted in November of 2013. The first track is from that album, called approximately What she was able to do to me, and the second is I Do Not Want To Go. All three of the band members graduated from the Design [...]

Shishido Kavka

Shishido Kavka knows how to rock, and she plays her own drums. Her music covers a wide range of styles, some of it just a bit more syrupy than I would prefer, but a lot of it quite good.

Avril Lavigne’s Hello Kitty video

Considering how often she has turned up on the hit Japanese TV show Music Station, I can’t be very surprised about Avril Lavigne’s latest music video Hello Kitty. I was not sure if it was filmed in Japan; that part has now been confirmed. It is kind of refreshing to hear Japanese lyrics in an [...]

One OK Rock: Taka!

If you don’t already know who the band One OK Rock is, you have a wide range of music to explore and enjoy as you find out. They are doing an extensive tour of the US in the next several months, including the Warped Tour across much of the continent. Out of the small handful [...]


DOLL$BOXX is a five to seven woman rock band from Japan (some members seem to be there intermittently as other projects draw them away), formed when the band Gacharic Spin joined forces with Fuki, the lead singer from Lightbringer. Both bands continue to record and tour separately, and both are very good, but I really [...]

Happy Mardi Gras!

To everyone who did make it this year, from all of us who wish we were there: Happy Mardi Gras, New Orleans! Hope you get the Baby in your King Cake! And nothing really says Mardi Gras quite so much as a song or three from Professor Longhair; enjoy.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: New Video

It is the end of the school year and time for graduation in Japan, a theme reflected in the latest video from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The track is called Yume no Hajima Ring Ring, and is being released today; if her past releases are any indication, you should be able to pick it up on [...]