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March 2017
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Kishida Cult & The Akiboshi Rockets: More Anime Rock!

I wanted to post a few more tunes from Kishida Cult & The Akibosi Rockets, the first two being the OP themes from my favorite Anime series of 2015/2016, Gate. The song title for the first is GATE: It is like Akatsuki, OP for season 1, the second is GATE II: Beyond the World, from […]

Merry Xmas Music

Merry Chrismas, all! A present for your ears; Chu’s Day rocking out with All I Want For Christmas Is You.

More METAFIVE Again!

The music just gets better with each new track they release, and this time is no different. We start off with Leo Imai doing Bird Of Paradise, posted on November 17th, and recorded on November 9th at Fever, Tokyo. Next we have the official METAFIVE Musical Chairs track, posted on November 9th, and I couldn’t […]

One OK Rock: Taking Off

New music from One OK Rock is always worth celebrating, and there are a few recent tracks to enjoy. The first is Taking Off, posted on November 30th, a nice acoustic track from a Studio Jam Session which has Taka sporting a new look. The track after that is the full official version of the […]

OK Go: The One Moment

I love their music, but OK Go consistently make the most amazing music videos I have ever seen. They have done it yet again with The One Moment, watch this one and see if you don’t agree. Then watch the next few videos, which will give you insight into their creation process.


I have to say Osaka band ЯeaL lead singer and songwriter Ryoko can definitely belt out a tune. Their first album came out in 2014 under the name Change Your ЯeaL, with this first track being called Senaka Awase. The amazing part of this group is not so much that they were in high school […]

More METAFIVE, Please!

The band MetaFive gets better with every new song they release, and they were excellent to start off with. The first track is the Studio Live version of Chemical posted on November 2nd, the second is Musical Chairs posted 5 days later on the 7th. Both songs are from their latest release: METAHALF, a five […]

Chu’s Day Revisited

A great little J-Rock band out of Tokyo, Chu’s Day has released more music since I posted last time, so here are a few more tracks. The first is Hip Hip Hooray which went online in August, the second is HOT GIRL from July, and the third is Glory Days

Abney Park

They are Steampunk music at its finest, and Abney Park has a new album called Under The Floor, Over The Wall which goes on sale today. The first track is Your Escape, the second is No Way Out, both from the new album.


Just posted online last week, Yolo is the latest track from BAND-MAID, Japans leading Kawaii Heavy Metal band. OK, that last statement is up for debate, with bands like Baby Metal and Doll$ Boxx in the running for that title. Yolo is also the name of their second single, in this case a single with […]