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February 2016
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Guano Apes

The German band Guano Apes got together in 1994 and they have been creating solid rock music ever since, with the occasional break. The first track is Close To The Sun from their new album Offline, the second is 2014′s Fake, released on the same album. The final song is Sandra Nasic singing Fever, possibly [...]

Lady Lamb

Another quality artist Live on KEXP in Seattle, Lady Lamb is a good vocalist/song writer with a couple of good musicians backing her up. They bring an energy to the stage that you don’t see very often these days, so take a listen and see if you don’t find something worth checking out and following.

ONE OK ROCK: US Release in September, North American tour

Pretty much my favorite band out of Asia for the last few years, ONE OK ROCK has the chops, the attitude, and the skill set to own the rock world while based out of Japan. They started out around 2005, proving yet again that it takes about 10 years to become an overnight sensation in [...]

Sense Clown

The band is Kankaku Piero (Sense Clown, approximately), and their first album Break came out at the beginning of June. They aren’t as new as that statement might make you think, because they put out 5 mini-albums before this latest release. The first track is A-Han!, new on their first full album. The second song [...]

Cocoro (Heart) Auction

From the band Cocoro Auction comes the song Outburst of Crickets Chirping, which is pretty much a coming of age movie compressed into a few moments and given a light, J-Pop soundtrack. The next song is Summer of Phantom, a variation on the same theme, and equally worth watching/listening to. The final track gives us [...]

Good On The Reel

This time around we are going to check out a few tunes from the band Good On The Reel, who released their 7th mini album just a few weeks ago. The first track is The King that was not accustomed to Shichiyo, posted this past May, the second is from last November and their 6th [...]

The Novembers

The Novembers are a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 2005 who have released 8 albums and an assortment of singles and EPs so far. Their sound is unique and complex far beyond what you would expect from so few instruments, reminding me of Pink Floyd or Brian Eno. Their acknowledged musical influences include David [...]

Ulfuls with Muppets

No, it is not a joke; the new Ulfuls song has Muppets, and it is a treat to watch! They had meant the name of the group to be Soulfulls, indicating the style of music they wanted to go for, but somehow it didn’t work out that way. And because one’s too many (and a [...]

In Each Hand A Cutlass

In Each Hand A Cutlass, also called IEHAC, is an Indi instrumental rock band from Singapore playing a very nice strain of fusion. They blend progressive rock, ambient, jazz, metal, and post-rock to paint sonic landscapes for us to explore and experience. They came together out of a number of other successful bands in 2011 [...]


One of the better artists out of Paris these days has to be Zaz, who creates such amazing music. The first track is Je Veux, the second is On Ira, and the third is called Le Long De La Route. To my mind, she seems to be somewhere between Pink and Edith Piaf. You should [...]