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March 2015
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New Shishamo

Shishamo is an excellent band out of Japan, and their new song I, actually is a fun J-Rock song. I like this band better every time I hear them, and this song is from their new release SHISHAMO2, which will be coming out on March 4th. The one after that is from their 2013 debut [...]

New Superfly

The new Superfly track is called White Light, released as a single last month. It is the title track of their new digital album, which will be coming out on May 27th.This song is the opening theme for Tales of Zestiria, an RPG for PS3. This short advertising version is the only one I found [...]

Rurouni Kenshin 3 trailer

Rurouni Kenshin 3: The Legend Ends completes the trilogy about the Samurai assassin who decided he would kill no more, and protect the weak and helpless. One OK Rock continues to be featured on the soundtrack, and the action is intense. You can find out more at the RuroKen Fan Site. The movie came out [...]

One OK Rock: Cry Out,

From their 7th album, 35xxxv, which went on sale on 11Feb15, this is new from One OK Rock, the song Cry Out. This is also the album release for their amazing song Mighty Long Fall (previously out as their 9th single). I am thinking the selection of tracks for the US 7th release was meant [...]

Wagakki Band: Ikusa

The Wagakki Band has released the song Ikusa, which is the opening song for the new anime Sengoku Musou, or Samurai Warriors. Wagakki means traditional Japanese instruments in English, and the band uses them to create a fusion rock sound that is pretty unique. Thanks to Rocket News 24 for the heads up on this [...]

Yasuko Omori

I am not sure how to categorize Yasuko Omori‘s music; Kawaii Punk maybe? Or perhaps Hyper-Energized J-Pop would be closer. Whatever it is, I like it, and wanted to share it here. The first track is something like absolute despair is the best condition, while the second one is Kyurukyuru, both from 2014.

Good Morning America is a band

The band is called Good Morning America, and the first song is the title track of their new album In Tokyo City, released this past October. The second tune posted here was their 2nd single, Dear Sirs, Tsuratsusutora, released in April of 2014. They had to use goodmorningameica as the name for their YouTube channel, [...]

Passepied: Zeitakuna Iiwake

The band Passepied has another animated music video with the song Zeitakuna Iiwake, which may mean Luxury Excuse. As usual for this band, I enjoy them as much for the animation work as for the music, because it is always an interesting visual to go with the excellent sound.

My First Story

They may be inspired by One OK Rock or they may just share a similar style, but My First Story is quite a good band in their own right. The first track is Irreversible Replacement, which you will no doubt recognize as the theme song for the Anime series Nobunaga Concerto, which just came out [...]

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Just a few tracks from the world class Tokyo Ska Paradise to travel with you on your journey through this holiday weekend, starting with their 2009 release Pride Of Lions. The next song is a collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Asian Kung Fu Generation called Wake Up which came out this past June, [...]