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April 2014
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FT Island: Future

The latest track from FT Island is kick ass; check it out and let me know what you think! They have created some excellent tunes over the years, I think this one makes it obvious how good they are. Thanks to Warner Music Japan for the heads up on this one.

One OK Rock: Taka!

If you don’t already know who the band One OK Rock is, you have a wide range of music to explore and enjoy as you find out. They are doing an extensive tour of the US in the next several months, including the Warped Tour across much of the continent. Out of the small handful [...]

Egg Brain

Rocking out Kobe (the place the amazing beef comes from), Egg Brain knows how to party. The first track is called Muzic, their 4th single released on February 5th. The second song posted here is Vitamin from a year ago February (way back in 2013), and the final selection is Awake from their 4th full [...]


The band is BABYMETAL, and their 1st full album is now out, with the same name. Cute girls in kawaii outfits singing sweet heavy metal harmonies… what’s not to like? The first track I posted is the live version of Gimme Chocolate, the second is the studio version of Megitsune. And I had to include [...]


DOLL$BOXX is a five to seven woman rock band from Japan (some members seem to be there intermittently as other projects draw them away), formed when the band Gacharic Spin joined forces with Fuki, the lead singer from Lightbringer. Both bands continue to record and tour separately, and both are very good, but I really [...]


If this J-Rock band isn’t channeling the love child of the Beatles and Chuck Berry in this song, they are coming damn close. Ulfuls got their name because back in 1992 one of the band members misread the word Soulful on his favorite album and they went with it. I find this rather ironic, since [...]

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: New Video

It is the end of the school year and time for graduation in Japan, a theme reflected in the latest video from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The track is called Yume no Hajima Ring Ring, and is being released today; if her past releases are any indication, you should be able to pick it up on [...]

Nano Rock

This girl sings in a hoodie… and never lets you see her face. The artist is Nano, the first album is West Ground, and the first track is Born To Be. The second track is Savior Of Song from her collection My First Story. I do like her voice and her style, and I appreciate [...]

Handsome Ken’ya

This week, a few tracks from the band Handsome Ken’ya (Sugimoto Kousuke), a less than subtle Japanese group/person. The first piece is Inferiority Beat, the next I Sing In My Own Way, also called I Sing So Much. Then we get Decision Speed, and finally Full Moon Party rounds out the set, a very tasty [...]


The first video by Qooland is called Sea Lice And Bear, more or less. It was posted 3 weeks ago, and is from their upcoming 6-song EP being released on February 12th, called something like Tear Your Classroom To Pieces. Sea Lice is the 5th track on the new EP, while Bear is the 6th, [...]