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July 2015
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Unison Square Garden

The band Unison Square Garden is from Japan, and they have been cranking out the rock for a while. The first track here is from their 5th Album “Catcher In The Spy”, called Heaven and Hell, released in 2014. The second track came out about 5 weeks ago, and is the short version of Sugar [...]

Good On The Reel

This time around we are going to check out a few tunes from the band Good On The Reel, who released their 7th mini album just a few weeks ago. The first track is The King that was not accustomed to Shichiyo, posted this past May, the second is from last November and their 6th [...]

Ore Ska Band

One of the two best Ska bands in Japan, Ore Ska Band got together when they were in the same high school, and have been making good music ever since. The first song is the title track of 2014s Carry On mini-album, while the second is 2009s What a Wonderful World.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

It has been a while since I have posted any thing by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, so I figured since they have a new track I was about due to feature them again. The song is called Easter and was posted at the end of March. As long as I am mentioning them again I thought [...]

More Media Goodies

The playing field is wide open; Bikini Warriors? Ghost In The Shell? All of the options are open, including Survive Said The Prophet: Ashes, Ashes. The track below is Radical Radio from their first full album All the World’s a Stage, doing the song The Guide of Rock. Check them out, and let me know [...]

Ulfuls with Muppets

No, it is not a joke; the new Ulfuls song has Muppets, and it is a treat to watch! They had meant the name of the group to be Soulfulls, indicating the style of music they wanted to go for, but somehow it didn’t work out that way. And because one’s too many (and a [...]

Survive Said The Prophet

Another Saturday, another great band. This time we take a look at Survive Said The Prophet, a Japanese Indi rock band who sing in English as often as not. The first track is Subtraction from their new 8 song EP Course Of Action, which was just released on April 15th. The second tune is If [...]

Passepied; Tokinowa, from Rin-ne

This is the latest track from Passepied entitled Tokinowa. Normally you would get a bit more animation with a Passepied song, but you are seeing it out of context here; check this page to get the full effect. Tokinowa is the ending theme of the new animation of Rumiko Takahashi’s original Manga Rinne of the [...]

Perfume: Pick Me Up

While I am not generally a major Trance/Electronica/Synthpop fan, there are a few bands who always catch my attention and have me listening for anything they put out there. One of them is Perfume, a Japanese band who also co-hosts one of the top 3 music shows out of that country (at least in my [...]

A Crow Is White

A Crow Is White just released their third mini-album in January, called Himitsu, and the first video here is the title track. The next one is their 2013 song Sunny Side Up, and the third one is Hi-speed Muteppou. They are an Art-Rock band from Japan, and they have put together quite a number of [...]