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December 2014
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Why We Love Cowboy Bebop

I have been waiting for years for Cowboy Bebop to come out in Blue Ray, and it finally happened today. I am going to try not to watch them in one non-stop marathon. I am going to try to savor them, maybe one episode a day. OK, maybe two, and four per weekend day. And [...]

Hikaru Utada’s Beautiful World

The new incarnation of Evangelion is taking forever to be released but Hikaru Utada’s excellent closing theme for it, Beautiful World, became available online the other week, so I had to post it here. The music video is directed by Tsurumaki Kazuya, who also co-directs the films in the reboot of the franchise, and the visuals [...]


Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno looks to be every bit as intense as the first film, and there is one more to go after this before the series is complete. A former assassin wanders through Japan promising to defend those in need without killing. If the story seems familiar and you haven’t seen the 2012 [...]

New Superfly release

The new Superfly release comes out Tuesday, called By Blowing the Love to the Body (approximately) for the regular edition, they change the word order a bit for the special edition. They are a great rock band who have been cranking out music since 2007, you can pick up their stuff on iTunes.

SCANDAL World Tour

SCANDAL are four women who can seriously rock, and they have announced there will be US dates on their upcoming world tour, Hello World. So far they only have dates and cities listed for Japan, with the tour there scheduled from January through March, to be followed by stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, the [...]

Passepied in English

Passepied is a great little alternative band with a wonderful graphic sense and some good animation work that I have featured here before, but this is the first time I have heard an English vocal track on one of their songs. The song is Tokyo City Underground, and I posted the Japanese version back in [...]

New Fungus album

This is the first new release from Fungus in 3 years, entitled Dishwasher and Punk, or Punk and Wash depending on who is doing the translating. It just came out this past week, released on Space Shower Music, and this first track sounds pretty good in a Ska kind of way. There are 13 tracks [...]

Tokyo Ska Paradise

One of the best, and therefor longest lasting, Ska bands from Japan is Tokyo Ska Paradise. The first track is Diamond In Your Heart released in July, the second is SUIKINKUTSU featuring the Piano goodness of Hiromi Uehara. The third song is Sky without Canary with Chibayuusuke of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant fame on vocals [...]

Panda Hero became Rose Windows

Panda Hero was going to be my first attempt to embed something from Nico Nico. Then I discovered on testing that you can only see the embedded video if you are currently logged into Nico Nico. So instead, another excellent live set from KEXP, this time featuring the band Rose Windows. KEXP is public radio [...]

More One OK Rock, Please!

It is hard to get enough of this band, they are one of the best groups out of Japan. One OK Rock has a unique sound that puts them at the center of the J-Rock scene. Check out their new documentary FOOL COOL ROCK!, which follows them through their latest world tour and features a [...]