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July 2014
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Extremity Maiden Guess

The band is possibly called Extremity Maiden Guess, and the first track is Killer Ball, an interesting combination of Jazz, Progressive Rock, and Rap, done so the words become another part of the rhythm driving the music. That track was from their second mini-album; the next one is Take Off That Dress from their first [...]


This week we have the music of Shishamo, a relatively new band who debuted in November of 2013. The first track is from that album, called approximately What she was able to do to me, and the second is I Do Not Want To Go. All three of the band members graduated from the Design [...]

Shinsei Kamattechan

The first track is called Robot Roh Night by the band Shinsei Kamattechan, who seem to like graphics a lot and are using a Hatsune Miku kind of singer/ vocal processing, as near as I can tell. The second song is Front Memory, and also spends as much time putting together the graphics as creating [...]

Passepied new album

A new tune from Passepied, the song being Tokyo City Underground MV, and yes, the MV does mean Music Video. The lead vocalist is also a graphics artist and helps create the animations for her videos, as you may have noticed from Wednesday’s post. This track is from their new album, and will be in [...]

Making of a Music Video

The band Passepied has a lead singer who is also a graphics artist, and she has brought some pretty interesting animation styles to her videos. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, as anyone who has ever sat through the credits at the end of a feature length animation knows. There can be [...]

Androp Music

This time a few tracks from the band Androp out of Japan. The first song is One from their third full length album, Period. The other track is Voice from their 3rd single. They have a lot of other good music worth your time to check out.

Shishido Kavka

Shishido Kavka knows how to rock, and she plays her own drums. Her music covers a wide range of styles, some of it just a bit more syrupy than I would prefer, but a lot of it quite good.

Bump of Chicken feat. Hatsune Miku

I have no clue what made them call themselves Bump of Chicken, but their music is fun. These tracks also feature Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol and computer-generated diva.

Babymetal World Tour

Sadly not with a robot backup band, and I am sorry to report there are no North American dates as yet, but Babymetal is setting up its first World Tour. The announced stops include Paris, Cologne, London, and Chiba City, and they are currently negotiating more concerts, so we could still get to see them [...]

More Egg Brain

This band continues to amaze me; here are a few more tracks I hope you will find as wonderful as I did. The first song is their Christmas selection CROSS THE SKY, the second is called METEOR, the third is FUTURE. And these are only a few out of the last 7 years; there are [...]