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November 2015
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The band’s name is Frederic (or フレデリック if you read Asian text), and they have some amazing music. The first here is Owarase Night, the second is OddLoop, and they are both quite good. The band is a 4-piece from Kobe the twin brothers Kenji Mihara and Koji Mihara put together. Take a look and [...]

Rip Slyme

I first came across RIP Slyme as the song Super Shooter embedded in the anime Gantz, and liked them for being brave enough to be associated with it. Of course, the song was perfect for the show, so it made sense they wanted to be part of the project. After about the third other song [...]

One OK Rock yet again

Nothing I can say will help you understand how amazing this band is live unless you have seen them for yourself, but at least a few of the videos should give you the general idea. The first one on tonight’s group is The Way Back, the Japanese Version this time. The next is C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h., and [...]

One OK Rock!

They are touring North America right now, promoting their latest album on their first tour with an American release, 35xxxv (DELUXE EDITION), a best of collection from all their recordings since they formed in 2005. The lyrics are all in English, and the first song posted is Last Dance, the next one here from the [...]


There are some real interesting bands out of Japan; Hitorie is one of them! The first track is Talkie Dance from their 2nd mini-album released this July, the second is 2013′s Rula Rula from their first full album, and the third is Senseless Wonder from 2014.

Ulfuls yet again: Sporty Party

Another great rock band from Japan are the Ulfuls, and they recently posted a new song, Sporty Party, that I really like. See all the athletic gear folks are wearing in this video? They recorded this as the ASICS “training ware” campaign song, which lead me to believe it might be a commercial. When I [...]

ONE OK ROCK: US Release in September, North American tour

Pretty much my favorite band out of Asia for the last few years, ONE OK ROCK has the chops, the attitude, and the skill set to own the rock world while based out of Japan. They started out around 2005, proving yet again that it takes about 10 years to become an overnight sensation in [...]

Sense Clown

The band is Kankaku Piero (Sense Clown, approximately), and their first album Break came out at the beginning of June. They aren’t as new as that statement might make you think, because they put out 5 mini-albums before this latest release. The first track is A-Han!, new on their first full album. The second song [...]

Wake Up! AKG, TSPO

Wake Up! is an amazing collaboration between Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, two of my favorite bands out of Japan. The track after that has Mongol.800 as the featured band/vocalist playing with them, and after that comes one featuring 10-Feet as their musical partner. Let’s face it, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has [...]


Three things come to mind when I hear the word Supergirl these days; one TV show, and two variations on the same song. The new iteration on the Supergirl TV show from CBS looks kick ass, as you can tell from the first video. Kara Zor-El looks to be in full control, except for when [...]