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For Yoko with Love: Platina Jazz

Yoko Kanno is one of the most amazing composers and band leaders ever, and it is always a treat to discover someone new singing her praises by playing her music (and yes, I do mean that literally). Back in 2009 a band called Platina Jazz got together to create covers of the best Jazz music […]

Gentle Forest Jazz Band

No explanations this time, just a few tunes for you to enjoy from the Gentle Forest Jazz Band

MetaFive, Kimonos

I really enjoy Yukihiro Takahashi’s new project MetaFive, they are amazing. The band member who is their primary singer is Leo Imai, and he used to be with a band called the Kimonos. The first track is MetaFive’s Maisie‚Äôs Avenue, the second is the Kimonos Soundtrack To Murder, and the 3rd is Kimonos Almost Human. […]

METAFIVE: Gravetrippin’

METAFIVE has a new release about to hit the shelves, METALIVE, a two disc set. The first disc is a Blu Ray with 18 live videos, and 3 songs recorded as studio live sessions including Don’t Move. The second disc is a CD with 14 of those same tracks in audio only format. Like their […]

South Korean Jazz: Moonlight Swing, Twinkle

When you think of Jazz, CNBLUE and Girls Generation are not the first names that pop to mind, since they are much more K-Pop than anything else. And yet, Lee Jong Hyun broke free from CNBLUE to do Moonlight Swing, a great upbeat Jazz track and one of the songs on his first solo album. […]

Fishman Embassy Series Jazz 2016: Japan

The Fishman Artist Embassy Series is a presentation of the DC Jazz Festival, which celebrates Jazz from around the world. Each participating embassy hosts a concert of one of their countries most celebrated Jazz artists in a series that runs from April to June, with this years contributors including Spain, France, Italy, and Japan. The […]

Beyond Category: John Pizzarelli

As a general rule, I am not in favor of having government agencies in control of music. One exception to that (there are others) is the series VOAs Beyond Category. In this presentation, we get to listen to the Jazz of John Pizzarelli, and learn a bit more about him and his musical heritage. The […]

Nice Jazz Quintet

I had an exhausting day at work today, which started at Midnight and ran until 30 minutes ago. So I am a bit crispy around the edges, and mostly want to relax. So I figured this might be a great day to post about the Nice Jazz Quintet, which is Jean-Louis Bompoint’s band. My guess […]

Let It Snow Saxy Sleigh Ride Serenade

Dave Koz, Sergio Flores and Bob Saget surprised quite a few folks this year when they went along in a Lyft and made some holiday memories. The music was excellent and the attitude was world class; happy holidays, one and all!

Tokyo Ska Paradise

One of the best, and therefor longest lasting, Ska bands from Japan is Tokyo Ska Paradise. The first track is Diamond In Your Heart released in July, the second is SUIKINKUTSU featuring the Piano goodness of Hiromi Uehara. The third song is Sky without Canary with Chibayuusuke of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant fame on vocals […]