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TANK! Virtual Session 2020 by SEATBELTS

Yoko Kanno is doing the soundtrack for the Live Action version of Cowboy Bebop, and produced SEATBELTS doing this Virtual Session of the shows original theme song TANK! That wasn’t SEARBELT’S only recent virtual session, they also did Space Lion from the same show, LION, The Real Folk Blues, Don’t bother none, and the list […]

New Gintama Trailer

When aliens invaded Edo era Japan, built skyscrapers, introduced motorized vehicles and pizza delivery, and told the Samurai they could not use their swords, many were not happy. Chief among them was Gintama, a Ronin desperate to make a name for himself. The new trailer for the live action feature film from this manga/anime franchise […]


With Scarlett Johansson, Beat Takeshi, and Pilou Asbæk heading up Section 9, the live action version of Ghost In The Shell is a movie I have been waiting roughly 25 years for someone to make. Only a few more months to go before we get to see it! The Super Bowl spot has some new […]

The Jungle Book Big Game Trailer

The Jungle Book Big Game Trailer gives you an idea of where they are going with this latest iteration of Kipling’s masterpiece as well as a glimpse of the merged Live Action/CGI environment they will be building it in. Come April 15, I hope to be in the theaters for this one.


Parasyte Live Action Film Trailers

Parasyte: The Maxim was fun as an Anime, I can’t wait to see what they do with it as not one, but 2 Parasyte Live Action Films. The films have already been made and released, but I missed them, in part because the only theaters I know they showed in were in Australia. You can […]

Tiger & Bunny Live Action film

The announcement was made at the recent NY Comic Con that the Tiger & Bunny franchise is going to get a Live-Action film. Not only that, but it will be a Hollywood film produced by Ron Howard, Masayuki Ozaki, and a few others. This one might be quite good, given the folks involved.

Attack On Titan Part 2

Hopefully everyone caught part on in the theaters, because Attack on Titan Part 2 will be on the big screen next week. At one point there were reports that Crunchyroll would be streaming the live action TV series that aired in Japan between them, but I can’t find a link to it. Happily they do […]

Something to Watch: Streams: Death Note

A bored Shinigami decides it might be interesting to see what a human would do with his powers, so he drops his instrument of mortality at the feet of Light Yagami to see what happens. Light doesn’t believe the book has the power to kill at first, but as his situation becomes more desperate he […]

Something to Watch: Streams: Live-Action Death Note

On July 5th the Death Note live-action TV series will premiere on Nippon TV, which doesn’t have great reception at my house in North America. All is not lost for American fans, however, because Crunchyroll will be airing the show just a few days behind its Japanese release date each week. Thanks to Otaku USA […]

Live Action Attack On Titan trailer

They have been talking about the live action Attack On Titan Movie and/or Miniseries for a while now, but up until recently we only had the shortest of teases, and that one car commercial. We finally had the first movie trailer come out last month, and I forgot to post it, so here it is. […]