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Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin Streaming for Free

For a short time, from November 18th to December 17th, Daisuki will be Streaming Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin for free, in honor of the release of the 4th part of this series in Japan. Thanks to Otaku USA for the heads up on that one.

Something to Do: Movies

Shin Gojira AKA Godzilla Resurgence is in theaters as of tomorrow, and runs for one week. On Friday Max Steel is the combination of human Max McGrath and alien Steel, who become the superhero when they have to. This is a spinoff of a TV series based on an action figure, so it is somewhat […]

Something to Watch: Discs

In movies, Equals is about a society genetically engineered to be emotionless, in order to wipe out war and crime; too bad for the couple falling in love despite their DNA. Tale of Tales is a twisted dark fantasy based in Medieval Europe and filmed by a British/French/Italian team which looks rather interesting. Now You […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 23Jul13

The vampires in Kiss of the Damned don’t sparkle, but one of them does have a very dramatic love story which may effect their entire community. It is actually an interesting and intelligent tale that is a bit of a homage to the 60s and 70s vampire films. Starbuck is not being promoted as science […]

More Pacific Rim trailers, please

I am more than ready for Pacific Rim to hit the theaters! Finally the US gets its own Giant Mecha vs. Monsters kind of movie!

Something to Do: Movies, 12Jul13

I have been waiting for Pacific Rim for quite a while, and finally It Is Gojira Season! We get to don our Giant Mecha suits and battle the monsters head on, at least in the virtual universe of the big screen. I fully expect to be completely entertained by this one, and will probably come […]

Giant Robots for sale

They are a little pricy at 1.35 million dollars each baseline (options cost you more), but in the first month they went on sale they took orders for 3,000 of them. Called the Kuratas after their designer, Kogoro Kurata, when you order yours from their web page you can even have it customized with the […]

J-Commercial Strangeness

After watching yesterday’s video I explored a bit more, and somebody is actually compiling the best, or at least strangest, commercials from Japan each week or 3. These include some serious genre references and products along side the merely wacked out, and I enjoyed them too much to keep them to myself. I particularly enjoyed […]

Pacific Rim Trailer

Not just any Pacific Rim trailer, this is the one they showed at Wondercon. It has to be Guillermo del Toro’s tribute to Japanese movies and anime, and I am very ready to see it. It will hit the big screen on July 12th, and has a great little viral site.


Ripley’s Exoskeleton now available

When I first saw Alien, I loved the exoskeleton Ripley wore in her battle with Mama Monster. Some folks in Japan have now built it, and not just as a prototype, but as something you can use in emergencies or on a construction site. It would also form a worthwhile core for a good Giant […]