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MC Lars: Dragons Blood

Sooner or later it had to happen; a Nerdcore artist, MC Lars in this case, did a tribute to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. The track is called Dragons Blood, and both the video and the song are fun. As someone watching the end product it is hard to tell if Editor Mike Sobo, […]

MC Frontalot yet again

I know I keep going back to this artist, but there is a reason. He has an amazing grip on Nerd sensibilities, and a control of word usage that is nothing short of amazing. This time we have only two tracks: Critical Hit and Pitch Dark, both Game-centric and at the core of how we […]

Nerdcore Sci-Friday

Science Friday will be covering the impact of Sequestration on science and research tomorrow, but they also have a very fun guest: MC Frontalot. He’s not the only Nerdcore artist, but he is my favorite, and he just came out with a new CD, his 5th. Nerdcore is hip-hop for nerds, about computers, video games, […]

Again with the fun music

This is almost more scary than fun, with the first being a protest song about one of the big issues of today, student debt. The second song of this set is from Duel Core, a great Nerdcore tune centered around the concept of Drink All The Booze, Hack All The Things.


Flow Like Poe

If Edgar Allen Poe had a team, it would have to be the Baltimore Ravens, wouldn’t it? The latest song from MC Lars is Flow Like Poe, another nice little slice of Nerdcore.

Doctor Steel’s Fibonacci Sequence

Doctor Steel’s Fibonacci Sequence is a great example of Heavy Metal Nerdcore, not a well-represented music sub-genre but one with some very interesting songs. His roots were always in his Steampunk background, and I don’t think he got to perform with his Robot Band on stage live since they kept breaking down, but you have […]

More Nerdcore

MC Frontalot has a new CD out, with many good tracks. Zero Day is a fun one, somehow merging Zero Day OS Exploits with the Zombie Apocalypse. Enjoy!

Nerdcore again!

No film fests this week, so today a few Nerdcore tunes instead, including a couple of old favorites you have seen here before…


Batman Murder, SF Language, More Nerdcore

A millionaire murdered at a New York convention turns out to have delusions of being Batman, right down to owning a fully working Batmobile and 4 warehouses full of other Batman devices and memorabilia. His wife (who set him up to be robbed of a million dollars in 2002) and his stepdaughter are fighting over […]

Interweb Strangeness: Muzak

This had to be shared. Weird Al is singing about the internet again, although the music style doesn’t count as Nerdcore. Or maybe it does, since I got the heads up on this one from MC Lars. I also used to know the keyboard player, another reason to add this tune. Then, just to keep […]