Revolver Map


PacMan DC (and other cities)

I think they have only mapped out around 50 cities in North America, although it could be even a smaller number than that. But if you ever wanted to play real live PacMan on the streets of Washington, DC, now is your chance, using this link:

DC PacMan

If you want to play in one […]

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

Once more it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I spotted no fewer than 5 people in pirate garb at various points in my wanderings today. I was not dressed for the occasion myself, but I did remember to start every conversation with Arrrggghhh. I am not sure that went over real well […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Version

Yes, someone actually did convert the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer into a Legos version. Enjoy!

Weird Al, twice in 1 week!

And with good reason; I just discovered Weird Al’s contribution to Epic Rap Battles of History, and now his new album is rolling out this week, one song per day. So far Word Crimes and Foil are my favorites, but there are more to come. I can’t wait to learn what new twisted goodies he […]

Epic Rap Battles of History

Another variation of Nerdcore has crossed my attention horizon, so I have to mention Epic Rap Battles of History, a very amusing project. I selected a few of my favorites to give you the idea, including Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye and Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison, but they are just the tip of […]

Shinsei Kamattechan

The first track is called Robot Roh Night by the band Shinsei Kamattechan, who seem to like graphics a lot and are using a Hatsune Miku kind of singer/ vocal processing, as near as I can tell. The second song is Front Memory, and also spends as much time putting together the graphics as creating […]

Battle of the Robot Bands

Here is an interesting Battle of the Robot Bands video put together by the Cyborg News Channel on You Tube. The bands they chose for the report were Germany’s Compressorhead, mentioned earlier on this blog, and Japan’s Z Machine, a University of Tokyo project sponsored by Zima.


Crazy Talk App

This is a silly app, spun off from a silly program that I like a lot. The Crazy Talk App allows you to take an Actor, record some dialog, and slave them together for lip syncing. Yes, I know, lots of apps do that. But this is the only one I know that gives you […]

Ghost Team 1 trailer

Silly and offensive… but that actually describes a lot of my favorite movies. Check out the trailer for Ghost Team 1, and see if it doesn’t give you a giggle. They definitely have a new twist to the found-footage mocumentary.

Car Teeth

I was wandering to lunch the other day, when I ran into this in the parking lot. Someone had taken a sports car and added imitation sharks teeth to the grill. While I figured they did it to make the car look tough and cool, the actual effect is more like you just ran into […]