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Sense8 Christmas Special trailer

Netflix is posting a 2 hour Sense8 Christmas Special which will begin airing on December 23rd, J. Michael Straczynski’s story of another kind of telepathic evolution. I was also happy to hear the story will continue May 5th, 2017, with 10 new episodes. Since the trailer was posted I wanted to include it here as […]

Something to Stream: Marvel’s Slingshot

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have some new Webisodes streaming: Slingshot! Each Webisode is about 5 minutes long, and a major percentage of the core characters are here, telling a story they couldn’t fit in to the regular TV episodes. This is one of the aspects of the multi-screen experience I really appreciate, where they expand […]

New Wireless Trailer

The MCM London Comic Con is taking place this weekend, and just like the US variations there are a ton of trailers and announcements expected, and they have already started. This one is for the streaming sci-fi police procedural Wireless, staring Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval, Alice, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) and Lucy Brown (Primeval, The […]

Something to Stream: Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers is the most visually interesting anime of the new season, as well as being more than a little surreal. It compares favorably with Gurren-Lagann, FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly), and Paprika, at least so far. We will have to see if the story can grow as amazing as the visuals, like the other three […]

Something to Stream: Ronja the Robber’s Daughter

Goro Miyazaki created an Anime version of Astrid Lindgren’s fantasy novel Ronja the Robber’s Daughter, and Amazon has picked it up for their Amazon Prime streaming service. Gillian Anderson will be narrating the story for them, and as a fan of all things Studio Ghibli I am looking forward to watching it. My only question […]

Trollhunters trailer

The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters project is out, and it is tasty. The animation work is by Dreamworks, so you know it is good, and the voice cast is world class, and includes Kelsey Grammer and Ron Perlman. The main character Jim was voiced by the late Anton Yelchin, at least for […]

Something to Stream: RWBY Volume 4

RWBY Volume 4 premieres October 22nd, with the reconstituted Team Ruby up to their necks in monster mayhem and the original team members scattered across the land. Volume 3 ended in a serious cliffhanger, with a lot of mental, physical, and emotional trauma, and unresolved plot threads out the wazoo. It seems like I have […]

Luke Cage Trailer

For the 15 folks on the interwebs who haven’t already seen this, here you go! The Netflix/Marvel production of Luke Cage is going to be a monster when the entire first season hits on September 30th, if the response to AKA Jessica Jones is any indication. And while my work schedule won’t allow me to […]

Something to Stream: Divine Gate

In Divine Gate Adapters are folks with powers over their realms of Air, Water, Earth and Fire, each realm existing on a different plane of existence and each accessible to the others through a mundane gate. The Living, Heavens, and Underworld become connected to each realm after a Divine Gate is opened, adding another set […]

Something to Stream: God Eater

The post-Armageddon series God Eater took a 3 month break between the biologic battles of episodes 9 and 10, now they are back to finish up the first season. Episode 10 just posted to Crunchyroll this past Monday, with new episodes each Monday. As with a number of other series, God Eater aired first on […]