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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets trailer 2

Today we finally got to see the second teaser trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, based on the groundbreaking graphic novel Valerian & Laureline. This is the second major motion picture taking place fully in this universe (Fifth Element was the first), but you have seen scenes inspired by the series […]

Premature Trailer

Think Ground Hog Day meets American Pie and you will be somewhere in the ball park. Yet another variation of living the same day over and over again until you get it right, the time travel story Premature looks like it just might end up being silly fun. While the movie was built in 2014, […]

Something to Do: Movies

The one everybody knows about this week is Mad Max: Fury Road, yet another entry into the Mad Max apocalyptic franchise that began back in the late 70s. Like all the other films in this series, this one takes place in a desert, which Australia has a lot of. The filming location this time was […]

Something to Do: Movies

Project Almanac is about a group of friends who stumble across a time machine one of their parents were working on, and finish assembling it. It doesn’t take them long to realize this was a mistake. Alien Outpost is about a documentary crew following an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of an alien […]

Something to Do: Movies

The Australian film Predestination is based on the Robert A Heinlein story All You Zombies, and it will be on the big screen in some US major market theaters this Friday. It will also be available On Demand on most systems Friday, so if a theater near you isn’t showing it you can still get […]

Time Taxi

If you are looking for something different in the way of a Sci-Fi TV show, check out Time Taxi. It is a show about choices, and how sometimes when you make the wrong one you need a do-over. It is more philosophical and intellectual than the average US show, but that is part of what […]

All You Zombies out next month

They took Robert A. Heinlein’s time-travel story All You Zombies and turned it into an Australian movie called Predestination, and it will be out in January. This segment is the first 7 minutes of the film, just enough to give you a feel for the rhythm and mood of this rendering of the story. The […]

Terminator Genisys trailer

With time travel at the core of the story, Terminator Genisys is poised for a reboot in ways orther movies haven’t been able to touch, spinning off its own parallel timeline as part of the acknowledged plot. I loved the first two films in the franchise, the ones after not so much. This trailer makes […]

Project Almanac trailer

It is now called Project Almanac, but when I first blogged about it back in January the name was Welcome to Yesterday. It does look like it could be a very interesting time travel movie, fully grounded in the law of unintended consequences. Of course, it might just collapse into a horror type film as […]

Outlander trailer

Outlander is the story of Claire Randall, a girl from 1945 who suddenly jumps to 1743, not exactly what she was expecting. She is forced to marry Jamie, a young Scottish warrior, but she is an already married combat nurse in 1945, which she may or may not be able to go back to. The […]