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Something to Do: Movies

There are several good choices this week, with the first being Star Trek Beyond. Have no doubt, I will be in the audience for that one, probably paying the extra for the 3D IMAX variant. For those needing a serious influx of silly, Ice Age: Collision Course also includes a spaceship, although it may bounce […]

Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3

I will so be in the theater for the first showing of this one!

Controlling Drones With Your Mind

Tan Le developed a wearable EEG, and the other week a team of engineering doctoral students at the University of Florida used it to control drones in a competitive race as the first step to developing a brain/robot interface. One of Tan Le’s more elegant contributions to this telepathic headset was the algorithm that lets […]

Drop It Like Its Spock

This is apparently a Trek parody of the song Drop It Like Its Hot, put together by K Face TV, and it is a fun little video. In fact, this is the best Trek parody video I have seen this year, quite tasty! I also appreciate they give full credit to everyone who worked on […]

Win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond by supporting charity!

This isn’t a joke, and it is amazing. You really could win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond. Want in? Then go hit This Button and fill out some forms! If you are a Trekkie like me, you will hate yourself if you don’t even take a shot at it! Plus, even if you […]

Spock Laughs

Nimoy posted this behind the scenes shot the other day, and since he was nice enough to include an embed function, I figured that meant he wanted folks to share it. It is nice to get a glimpse of the man behind the character while in full makeup and costume on set.


Something to Watch: DVDs, 19Nov13

Top spot this week goes to The World’s End, another excellent collaboration between Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. Not only will it be released as a stand-alone, but they will also bring out the box set with the entire Cornetto Trilogy; Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. There is […]

Museum of Science Fiction needs you!

Not the Experience in Seattle, home of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, but a real live Museum of Science Fiction is being built in Washington, DC, and it is yet another project being built by crowdfunding. It will cover the history of the genre in all the various media, and examine its relationship to […]

One Spock and Two Sirs

This is almost scary to contemplate; Nimoy, Stewart, and McKellem partied at Coney Island together, and took this photo. Gandalph hanging out with Picard and Spock? The mind boggles, and now I have a burning curiosity to know just which rides they went for. Thanks to Katee Sackhoff for the heads up on this one.


Something to Watch: DVDs, 24Sep13

If the only release I mentioned this week was Iron Man 3, it would be sufficient. It truly gave that particular subset of the Marvel franchise a beginning, a middle, and an end, making each of the previous offerings fulfill a part of the overall story arc, when they appeared to just be stand alone […]