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July 2014
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No Time To Explain!

This fun little video edit was put together by the very creative Debbie Saslaw, and is just what its title infers: a supercut of the phrase There’s No Time To Explain. If you have some video editing software and a favorite phrase you see in TV and movies all the time, you could build one [...]


It Has Begun: Bananapocalypse is one of the funniest YouTube videos I have seen in quite a while. After I got my breath back and was able to get up off the floor, I just had to post it here. And it is not alone; the new YOMYOMF Channel is already cranking out some excellent [...]

Radiation Anime explains to children

A Cat Anime done with stop motion wooden dolls from Nekomacitta did a pretty good job of explaining to Japanese children the dangers of a nuclear power plant issue such as the one Fukushima and the surrounding countryside just suffered last year. It is a fairly balanced presentation which cites both the good and bad [...]

Tokyo Sky Tree

Darwin Fish keeps creating interesting time laps videos, and I am pretty sure the last one posted here was his life size Gundam rebuild (remember, a Gundam is much bigger than a human). This one is the new Tokyo Sky Tree, the new home of Radio and Television antennas in Japan’s most impressive city. These [...]

Geek and Sundry went live this week!

In fact, it went live this past Sunday, over at the Geek and Sundry Channel on YouTube as well as the Geek and Sundry home page. Felicity brought The Guild over for season 5 (plus the archives), and has launched a video blog. Wil will be hosting a gaming show with a lot of great [...]

Sci-Fi Rock

This may be from last year, but it is still a great Sci-Fi short feature video disguised as a Katy Perry song.

Interactive Van Goth

If you appreciated the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor, you are going to love this. I should mention that the interactive part does NOT mean you can do this yourself with it, since it is just a streaming video. But I must add my voice to a bunch of folks, including Gizmodo, in [...]

Visual Effects Awards

The 10th Visual Effects Society Awards were handed out this past Tuesday, and as is often the case, a small number of shows got several awards each. Transformers: Dark of the Moon seemed to get the most (no, I didn’t count them, so I could be wrong), but Hugo, the animated Rango, the semi-animated live [...]

Gundam Rebuild (a shutterbugs report)

The life size Gundam Mecha returned to its home in Odaiba recently, and the folks at Darwin Fish 105 did their usual incredible job of filming the event. This time around, the footage was taken at night, with a very nice overlay (if something in the background can be considered an overlay, since it is [...]

What about Jupiter?

There have never been that many moments of actual footage of Jupiter videos or individual photos of the planet, because no physical camera has ever returned from there for us to develop the film. But this compilation of digital images returned to Earth over the last handful of decades and assembled by some of the [...]