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Drones For The Rest Of Us

Have you been planning how to make your movie, but can’t afford all the location crews it will take to get the filming done, let alone at the quality level your vision requires? Then perhaps what you really need is a drone, not a film crew. With this kind of technology at your fingertips, you […]

Apps to Make Movies

There are a lot of great apps to allow you to do video production for TV, Movies, or other purposes, and the folks over at the BBC have put together a video about their favorites. Using these resources might allow you to create something quite unique, and there were one or two I had not […]

Black Hole Creation

There is a very creative guy called Joey Shanks who puts together videos that are tutorials in how to create various kinds of special effects in association with PBS. One of his recent projects was to show how to create a scientifically accurate Black Hole like the one in the movie Interstellar. The video allows […]

Tinker Bell Drone

If Tinker Bell was kidnapped by a UFO and subjected to probing, this is probably how their illicit love child would turn out. This aerial toy is the brainchild of someone who is using Yiwu, China as their main commercial sales center. Thanks to the folks at Vimeo for the heads up on this.


InterScreech 2013

InterScreech 2013 was assembled by Julie Meitz and focused on the surreal side of Linguistics. It was created as a presentation to Interspeech 2013, the world’s largest conference on the science and technology of Spoken Language Processing. Some of their disciplines include speech production, phonetics, speech synthesis, and speaker recognition. Julie has created a number […]

Gary Yost IR Timelapse: Mamane Tree Bones

This amazing video was created by Gary Yost, who is a true artist with video. That isn’t just my opinion; his documentary The Invisible Peak has won an assortment of awards, as one example. This one was shot using time lapse filming in the infrared spectrum in Hawaii, not a normal choice for most presentations […]

AV Linux Update

Earlier this week the audio/video production powerhouse AV Linux released it’s newest version, 6.0.3. This is a minor update, mostly focused on fixing bugs and updating software packages to the latest and greatest stable versions, but they did make one non-trivial change; they changed the default kernel to the 3.10.27-PAE low-latency build. This gives improved […]

Open Artist LiveDVD

If you are an artist or creative media enthusiast of any kind, I would like to recommend the boot-from-DVD Linux build known as Open Artist. They took the kitchen sink approach, throwing in every piece of free and open source software that might be useful, and compiled them into folders organized by the type of […]


I just stumbled into this show, and it is excellent! TECHNE: The Visual Workshop Special on NHK Premium is an experiential creative education TV show. In each episode they focus on one one visual technique and shows a whole lot of short video pieces made using that technique. The reason they have all those pieces […]

Ironic Video Compositing

The fun for me in this super short video segment is not in the video itself, although it is built quite well. Rather, I enjoy it for the irony of the dialog, where the creator talks about trying to build a video using masking and compositing of video source material. Kind of a nice touch […]