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March 2015
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New Blender Foundation Open Animation

The Blender Foundation is constantly testing and improving the free open source 3D modeling and animation software Blender, and part of that process is to get the funding to allow a talented team of people to do some actual animations with it. This one is called Sintel, it was made back in 2010 and has [...]

More Strange J-Commercials

Japanese commercials are even stranger than the ones they build to catch our attention in the west. Having said that, a lot of these would work anywhere around the world, but about 25% of them could only come from Japan. That probably has as much to do with the globalization of culture on Earth as [...]

SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technologies Preview

SIGGRAPH 2013 is coming up on July 21st through the 25th, with the latest and greatest in graphics development for movie production, gaming platforms, and scientific visualization. Some of the presentations and exhibits each year focus on new and emerging technologies, and as usual they have put together a prevue of some of the more [...]

New Elemental: I’m British

I have two favorite Steampunk bands, and one of them is Professor Elemental, so I just had to share his hysterical new song, I’m British. And because I could, I then also re-posted Fighting Trousers, probably my favorite video from him. Steampunk Rap is also called Chap Hop, and these tunes should give you an [...]

More J-Rock, Please

Sure, and this week we have some fun Mystery J-Rock. I am completely clueless on who does the first track or what it is called, since I only saw squiggles on the page, but I like it a lot. The second one is by Plenty, kind of a J-Grunge band with some interesting music. The [...]

No Time To Explain!

This fun little video edit was put together by the very creative Debbie Saslaw, and is just what its title infers: a supercut of the phrase There’s No Time To Explain. If you have some video editing software and a favorite phrase you see in TV and movies all the time, you could build one [...]


It Has Begun: Bananapocalypse is one of the funniest YouTube videos I have seen in quite a while. After I got my breath back and was able to get up off the floor, I just had to post it here. And it is not alone; the new YOMYOMF Channel is already cranking out some excellent [...]

Radiation Anime explains to children

A Cat Anime done with stop motion wooden dolls from Nekomacitta did a pretty good job of explaining to Japanese children the dangers of a nuclear power plant issue such as the one Fukushima and the surrounding countryside just suffered last year. It is a fairly balanced presentation which cites both the good and bad [...]

Tokyo Sky Tree

Darwin Fish keeps creating interesting time laps videos, and I am pretty sure the last one posted here was his life size Gundam rebuild (remember, a Gundam is much bigger than a human). This one is the new Tokyo Sky Tree, the new home of Radio and Television antennas in Japan’s most impressive city. These [...]

Geek and Sundry went live this week!

In fact, it went live this past Sunday, over at the Geek and Sundry Channel on YouTube as well as the Geek and Sundry home page. Felicity brought The Guild over for season 5 (plus the archives), and has launched a video blog. Wil will be hosting a gaming show with a lot of great [...]