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June 2016
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AV Linux Update

Earlier this week the audio/video production powerhouse AV Linux released it’s newest version, 6.0.3. This is a minor update, mostly focused on fixing bugs and updating software packages to the latest and greatest stable versions, but they did make one non-trivial change; they changed the default kernel to the 3.10.27-PAE low-latency build. This gives improved [...]

Open Artist LiveDVD

If you are an artist or creative media enthusiast of any kind, I would like to recommend the boot-from-DVD Linux build known as Open Artist. They took the kitchen sink approach, throwing in every piece of free and open source software that might be useful, and compiled them into folders organized by the type of [...]


I just stumbled into this show, and it is excellent! TECHNE: The Visual Workshop Special on NHK Premium is an experiential creative education TV show. In each episode they focus on one one visual technique and shows a whole lot of short video pieces made using that technique. The reason they have all those pieces [...]

Ironic Video Compositing

The fun for me in this super short video segment is not in the video itself, although it is built quite well. Rather, I enjoy it for the irony of the dialog, where the creator talks about trying to build a video using masking and compositing of video source material. Kind of a nice touch [...]

Anime Studio builds

If you are into building your own animations, and you are using Anime Studio as part of your toolset, here are a few videos to inspire you. The first is called Ballade by Yaki, the second is TTTest1NS, the final one is Dark Prints. Each of these is pretty amazing in its own right, and [...]

New Blender Foundation Open Animation

The Blender Foundation is constantly testing and improving the free open source 3D modeling and animation software Blender, and part of that process is to get the funding to allow a talented team of people to do some actual animations with it. This one is called Sintel, it was made back in 2010 and has [...]

More Strange J-Commercials

Japanese commercials are even stranger than the ones they build to catch our attention in the west. Having said that, a lot of these would work anywhere around the world, but about 25% of them could only come from Japan. That probably has as much to do with the globalization of culture on Earth as [...]

SIGGRAPH 2013 Emerging Technologies Preview

SIGGRAPH 2013 is coming up on July 21st through the 25th, with the latest and greatest in graphics development for movie production, gaming platforms, and scientific visualization. Some of the presentations and exhibits each year focus on new and emerging technologies, and as usual they have put together a prevue of some of the more [...]

New Elemental: I’m British

I have two favorite Steampunk bands, and one of them is Professor Elemental, so I just had to share his hysterical new song, I’m British. And because I could, I then also re-posted Fighting Trousers, probably my favorite video from him. Steampunk Rap is also called Chap Hop, and these tunes should give you an [...]

More J-Rock, Please

Sure, and this week we have some fun Mystery J-Rock. I am completely clueless on who does the first track or what it is called, since I only saw squiggles on the page, but I like it a lot. The second one is by Plenty, kind of a J-Grunge band with some interesting music. The [...]