There are two very different posts focused on the top science fiction moms for this mothers day I would like to share. The first is the Top 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mothers from Fandomainia. Besides the usual TV and Movie actresses you would expect, there is at least one entry I know only from books… because the Maximum Ride movie doesn’t even have a trailer yet. With a completely different attitude, SciFi Sizzle has also put together a list of SciFi’s Hottest Moms. While several of the names and actresses are the same, the pictures are anything but similar. Even with the differences, there is not a single entry on either list I could possibly argue with; take a look at both, and see if you don’t agree.

Nathan Fillion’s Captain Mal of Firefly beat out William Shatner’s iconic Kirk as best Starship captain in the recent Blockbuster poll. While I am a long time Trek fan, I have to agree; he just did a better job as a captain. Of course, the timing of the poll was no coincidence, since Star Trek 11 hits the big screens today (or tomorrow, depending on where you live). With Quinto doing Spock and Pegg as Scotty, I can’t wait to see how the new one turns out. In the same poll, Star Wars’ Darth Vader made best villain, David Tennant’s Doctor Who was voted hunkiest, and Jeri Ryan’s 7 of 9 won the babe category; good choices all.

You could never tell it from visiting this site (Media files like Movies, TV, and Radio making for so much better sound bytes and out-takes), but I read a lot. And I just read a quote that I agree with on both a real-world, professional level as well as a SciFi Fan level. The quote was given by a Tech in response to a situation he could not believe, because not even a Bean-Counter could possibly be that stupid. To whit:

Didn’t they know that the only Unhackable Computer was is one that’s running a secure Operating System, welded inside a steel safe, buried under a ton of concrete at the bottom of a coal mine guarded by the SAS and a couple of armored divisions, and SWITCHED OFF????

Thanks to Charles Stross for that quote, from his story The Concrete Jungle, pub in 2004 in the book the Atrocity Archives.

Major items from the Forry Ackerman collection and museum are going up for auction at Profiles In History, using the online site Live Auctioneers. If you don’t know who Forry was, read this immediately. What was in his collection? Things like a first edition print of Dracula signed by Bram Stoker and inscribed by Bela Lugosi. Or the ring Bela Lugosi wore in the movie Dracula. Or Fritz Lang’s monocle, which he wore when directing Metropolis and later gave to Forry. And a whole lot more… the auction takes place in April, so you have time to look over the items and make your selections. Thanks to Schock Till You Drop for the heads up on this one.