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I have to say Osaka band ЯeaL lead singer and songwriter Ryoko can definitely belt out a tune. Their first album came out in 2014 under the name Change Your ЯeaL, with this first track being called Senaka Awase. The amazing part of this group is not so much that they were in high school together when they wrote and recorded the track in 2012, but they went on to win a major music competition against a lot of older, more experienced, and better known bands, and signed a record deal before they even graduated. The second track is called Opposite Words, and is also from that same time period. Grown and graduated now, they are still rocking out, but sadly their record company has flagged all the music they wrote under contract as not available for viewing in my country, so I can’t share the rest of it here. The good news is you can grab their newer music on iTunes.