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No new film fests again this week, but if you haven’t seen it yet, let me point you to Bobby Llewellyn’s LlewTube web site. This site is where he keeps his Car Pool programs, a unique format in which he drives around with his guest and interviews them. He isn’t wearing the Kryten head gear, but his trademark humor shines through.

For those who haven’t seen Amanda Palmer’s Gaga, Palmer, Madonna, here it is… be sure to comment on YouTube, and join your voice to over a thousand others.

Like they did with Terminator Salvation, the WB Insider is having a Harry Potter Event online on Saturday, December 12th (3PM EST). You drop the Blu-ray DVD you bought into your internet connected BD enhanced player, and log into BD-Live; that will allow you to hear them respond to questions, kind of like a real-time Comments On function. You will also need a computer logged into their web site if you want to ask questions of your own to Daniel Radcliffe and the director while watching the latest movie.

From December 10th to the 17th is the Bahamas International Film Festival, and I can’t think of a better place to have one in the winter. A lot of the pieces (69 of them) are shorts, in the 5 to 30 minute range, and one of them looks really interesting: The Macabre World Of Lavender Williams. The cast includes Lily Jackson, Rex Linn, Christopher LLoyd, and John Lithgow in this 26 minute fantasy film. Another one to consider is At World’s End, a Danish film from this year about someone who believes he is 130 years old, an action-comedy.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday December 6th, BBC7 will be running Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, the book by Grant Naylor (who is actually Rob Grant & Doug Naylor) that tells the story about how Dave Lister ended up as part of the crew of the Red Dwarf. If that wasn’t enough, the story is read by Arnold Rimmer himself – Chris Barrie. The segments are 30 minutes long, so it will take six of them to read the whole book. There are three more Red Dwarf books and I for one am sincerely hoping they decide to present them all.

There are only 3 David Tennant Doctor Who specials left, and BBC America will be playing The Water of Mars on Saturday December 19th. Yes, it is the Beginning of the End; and Children in Need had a taste to share…

Did you happen to catch the Syfy Channel miniseries Tinman, the wonderfully twisted version of the Wizard of Oz? The team that brought you that creation return on Sunday, the 6th, with Alice, with their wonderfully twisted version of Through The Looking Glass. This time it brings some serious star power to the party, with a cast that includes the likes of Kathy Bates, Tim Curry, Matt Frewer, Colm Meaney, and Harry Dean Stanton to name but a few. Oh, and my favorite bit: Andrew-Lee Potts got to be the Hatter.