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March is SciFi Month in Second Life this year, and one of the activities is a themed photo contest. I found a list of 7 Locations for your photo shoot over at The Examiner, which included a few favorites and a few new ones. I should probably put together a fresh list of my favorites to post here; there are a ton of them! While the name sounds like the IT department of the evil Lawyers company in Angel, Wolfram Alpha is something else, as Fast Company reports. A computer program that actually answers the question you ask, rather than throwing a bunch of links onto a page. Good to know some people are still inventing the future in interesting ways.

Happy Square Root Day! It happens only 9 times a century, when the day and month are the square root of the last two digits of the year; and this year it happens only a few weeks before Pi Day, first celebrated at the Exploratorium back in 1988. Then there is Pi Approximation Day on 22/7 of course, also known as Casual Pi Day. For fun from a different direction Reaper returns to the airwaves with the season 2 premier tonight. I didn’t expect to like the show so much when it first aired, but Ray Wise was the absolute best choice to play the Devil, and all by himself brings the show up several levels. Hope they can keep both the comedy and suspense up for another full season!

Future music from past equipment; Akihabara, the bleeding edge center of all thing Otaku, recently held an event called Silent Live. 8 bit chipsets from decades old game systems were the musical instruments, and if you wanted to join the party you had to bring your own pair of headphones to jack in to the audio. Some things you just have to do for the fun factor.

Their isn’t a whole lot to the Alien Trespass Home Page quite yet, but then there isn’t much to the movie except pure silly fun; I can’t wait. They have cranked out a tasty trailer, though. If you like Anime, you have a one-shot opportunity to see Sword of the Stranger on the big screen on Thursday, February 5th. It is another Fathom Events showing, you can check the event site to find out where your closest theater is. The day after that you can see Neil Gaimon’s Coraline if you are in the mood for more animation, or Chocolate if your mood leans to more Kung-Fu Adventure. Also out that day is Push for more Action Sci-Fi, and Fanboys for the Docu-Comedy selection. One or two of them are under limited release, so I am mapping out my theater strategy now.