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So far I haven’t found any sci-fi or fantasy movies this week that aren’t horror, which I suppose makes sense, Friday being Halloween and all. So this might be a good weekend to check out something you haven’t seen yet from previous weeks, or re-watch a good one. I am considering going to Guardians of the Galaxy for the 5th time, as a for instance, possibly my third time seeing it in IMAX, if it hasn’t left the IMAX theaters yet…

Rumor has it that Patrick Warburton will be back in more live action episodes of The Tick, this time to be run on Amazon’s streaming video service. That is according to Topless Robot, who got it from People Magazine, and then it was confirmed by Comic Book Resources. Also back (courtesy of the interest he generated at the tail end of Guardians of the Galaxy) is Howard the Duck, in the form of the Howard the Duck Omnibus. Basically they compiled all 33 episodes of the Howard The Duck comic series, and every other story he was in from a range of Marvel properties. The blurbs Marvel shows after the credits have been running for a while being what they are, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him was the Master of Quack Fu was going to be starring in a new Howard the Duck movie. I have found absolutely nothing indicating that is going to happen, but the thought does kind of make me smile.

Earlier today the Hollywood Reporter announced a date has finally been set for the X-Men spinoff Deadpool, with a target date of 12Feb16. The main rumor is Ryan Reynolds will reprise the Wade Wilson roll he had in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I do believe that is him in the leaked test footage included here. Because scheduling is everything to large projects that all need to draw on the same resources, the Fantastic Four reboot moves to 7Aug15, and Assassin’s Creed, which previously held that date, gets pushed back almost a year, to some time in 2016.