Duncan Jones did a brilliant movie called Moon, and if this trailer is any indication he is about to do it again with his new film Source Code. Scheduled to be released on April 15th, this is a story about a time traveling soldier who is out to stop terrorists and hopefully save the girl. But he only has eight minutes at a time to pull it off, and at the end of each eight minute segment he dies, unless he can finally get it right.

We just had the most expensive Bollywood Sci-Fi film of all time, Robot, kicked loose to the big screen this past weekend. I have to wait until I go off call before I get to see it (that bit about turning off your cell phone in the movie theater means I have to wait until I can turn mine off), but there is another film that will be coming out on 5Nov10 I need to mention: Action Replay. Depending on who’s reviews you read and believe, this flic should be somewhere between Back To The Future and Hot Tub Time Machine, which were each variants on the same theme anyways. I do appreciate how each of these movies have the Grandfather Paradox at their core, bringing the concept out to the public in a format that makes sense to them. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai has some of the same flavor to it.

There are two new genre selections to choose from this weekend. The first is Hot Tub Time Machine, which looks to be silly fun requiring no mental straining at all. The main sense of Deja Vu generated in this one just might be that we have seen these jokes before. If you are more in the mood for animated fun, How To Train Your Dragon could be just the ticket. It is built by the same team who did Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, so expect more of the same great humor and animation quality.

And there is a third choice: Waking Sleeping Beauty. I don’t normally recommend documentaries, but this one tells a behind-the-scenes story about the rebirth of the Disney animation studios that received a lot of attention on the Film Fest circuit.