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It seems there is an App that lets you put words in William Shatner’s mouth, and then play them back. Shatoetry is available now for iDevices, and is being ported over to Android soon. Bill recorded a large vocabulary of words (although apparently it can be challenging to create normal sentences with them) suitable for wacky poetry or bizarre statements, and it is up to you to assemble them and share them with your friends. I normally only mention free apps here, but this one seems like enough fun to be worth the three dollar investment.

The Korean original of this song has been running on channels like M-Net for months now, and just recently came to the attention of everybody in the world, in fact becoming the first Korean song ever to take the number one position on iTunes. But out of all the parodies, Klingon Style has to be my favorite; and for the seven people left on the planet who have not yet seen the original, I am posting that one as well.

The target location being Woodlawn Park in Portland, Oregon. The team from Atomic Arts are doing live presentations of Journey to Babel as presented on screen by TOS (The Original Series, as if you didn’t already know). I will now be going through all the Con Event postings in my part of the country to see if I can find them performing at a venue a little close than the other side of the continent, since I would love to see this on stage.

The story itself was written by D.C. Fontana, and first published in the March 1953 edition of the pulp magazine Incredible Tales of Scientific Wonder. J/K, because that’s the magazine from the DS9 episode Far Beyond the Stars in which the entire cast got to be humans putting out a science fiction magazine, one of my personal favorites from that series. But they posted it that way in Memory Alpha, and after I got done laughing I just had to pass the joke along.

I have never played Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, or watched the show that spawned it. But now, thanks to the good folks at Geek Tyrant I have a handy image that shows me exactly what trumps which and why. It actually looks like it could be kind of fun, and definitely geeky.