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Did you know Leonard Nimoy got his start in science fiction as the third zombie in Zombies of the Stratosphere? You can learn about that, his new roll in Fringe, tidbits about Trek XI and XII, and more at his interview on Subspace Communique. If you want a bit more, try the LA Times: Nimoy on William Bell article. The word from EW’s Michael Ausiello is that NBC may have decided to move up its scheduled launch of Chuck from March to possibly as early as the end of this month. If they do that, it increases the odds of their buying more than the 13 episodes they originally signed up for. Good news indeed! In Dublin, Ireland is a place that seems to be a science museum crossed with an art gallery. Called the Science Gallery, they just opened up a new exhibit entitled What If…?. In this exhibit they explore possible developments in technology, and each entry has its own Twitter hashtag they ask you use when leaving comments. Here are highlights from their Science Gallery Youtube Channel of their last exhibit, Bubbles: Don’t Burst Them.

You have until Sunday or September 4th (or possibly both, if you own a working Tardis) to enter the SF Signal Shatner/Nemoy giveaway. They are handing out 2 digital copies of Mind Meld – Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime, the 2001 presentation in which Shatner and Nimoy talk about the series, and how it changed everything for them. The title obviously refers to the famous Vulcan mind meld, a phrase that is used for everything from interviews with Nimoy to selling programming language extensions. It has been used to good effect in SF Signals own Mind Meld series, where they put a question to some of the best speculative fiction writers, editors, and thinkers on the planet and compile the responses into a coherent article. Now that I have digressed sufficiently, go enter the contest before time (however much of it is left) runs out.

I tend to assume everyone who drops by this website is also already a frequent visitor to The Deuce Project, one of the best places to hear science fiction related music. Even if you are a frequent visitor, you might have missed their silliest episode yet: Splitting Infinitives While Exploring The infinite. That particular link will pull up and play such songs as William Shatner’s – Rocket Man, Nichelle Nichol’s – Uhura’s Theme, and Leonard Nimoy’s – Music to Watch Space Girls Go By. And many other silly songs…