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The winner this week has to be Kung-Fu Yoga, Jackie Chan in a comedic adventure that is a joint venture between Bollywood and Chinese film production companies. And yes, that does mean he gets to sing and dance in this one, as shown in the trailer I just recently posted. It should be playing in large multiplexes in major cities, particularly AMCs. If you are not lucky enough to have it playing near you, in wide release Resident Evil: The Final Chapter may finally close out that story arc. There is also the family fantasy A Dog’s Purpose, about a reincarnating K9.

If you live in the UK you can now order a Zombie Apocalypse for you and your friends, according to Starburst Magazine. You call a group called BuyAGift and sign up to have the experience at one of their locations, which include an abandoned shopping mall and a classic manor house. Actors portraying brain eating zombies do battle with actors portraying zombie survivalists and/or the police, and you get some orientation training and props so you can join in on the side of the living. Sounds like even more fun than those murder mystery dinners.

Nothing really looks exciting for this weekend, although Make-Out with Violence could be an interesting change of pace. This is an undead coming-of-age story of the comedy romance horror genre that was made in 2008 and has been touring the film festival circuit ever since. It has picked up a few awards, so if you are near one of the theaters this limited release is playing in, it might be worth checking out. The other film that looks interesting this weekend is not sci-fi or strictly fantasy, but straight historic adventure: Centurion. This film is an excellent example about how film making works, for it is based on a true story. The true story is that in the year 117 the 9th Legion of the Roman Army marched across what would become the UK, and was never seen again. Since that march was the start of the movie, they made the rest of it up; looks like it could be a fun adventure film.