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There are many points where Science Fiction and Geekdom intersect. I know, because I live there *grin*.

But some of them make a lot more sense than others, and this one is something I never expected or saw coming. But I should have, because it rings so true.

The Author in this case was Jorge Lois Borges, a brilliant writer who combined poetry and fantasy to touch the deepest parts of the human soul. The Geeks were the team from the Open Source project “Borges: An Extensible Documents Management System”. The thing that tied them together was a shared vision of how information could be organized, and how it would impact the people involved.

If you are a Geek, the link to explain all this is at Borges . If you want to understand both the logic and the basic human reaction to it, the link to the story that inspired the project is The Library of Babel .

He didn’t write in English, and his works were banned for many years in many parts of America, by short-sighted people who were frightened by the depths of true human experience he was able to call forth. The few who got past that found a treasure beyond belief. To learn more about this author and read some of his works, check out the Garden of Forking Paths.