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Philip K Dick wasn’t any more prolific than most other authors.
But by my latest count, more of his stories were turned into
movies than any other author, with the possible exception of
Robert A Heinlein. And the Why of it matches with Heinlein as
well. RAH was looking for the core meaning of what it took for
a human to control the universe. PKDick was looking for the
answer to the question of what it is to be human.

Movies made from Dick stories include:

Novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, movie “Blade Runner”

Novel “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”, movie “Total Recall”
(also an uncredited writer in the TV series “Total Recall 2070”,
based on that same story)

Short Story “Imposter”, movie “Imposter”

Short Story “Second Variety”, movie “Screamers”

Short Story “Minority Report”, movie “Minority Report”

Short Story “Paycheck”, movie “Paycheck”

Novel “Colony”, TV Broadcast “Colony”, Radio Show “X Minus One”

Short Story “Nervous Breakdown”, short film “Nervous Breakdown”

The movie based on his novel “A Scanner Darkly”, called “Drug Taking
and the Arts”, released in 1994, might not be worth mentioning if it
were not for all the other folks who appeared in it as themselves:
Brian Aldiss, J.G.Ballard, Allen Ginsberg, Francis and Laura Huxley,
Timothy Leary, and a whole lot more. Or maybe the fact that this
one was a lot closer to being a documentary, rather than a scifi
story, is why I feel hesitent to include it here.

The PKDick links include:

Paycheck Trailer

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