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Things to Watch: DVDs

One of the best movies of 2009 (certainly in the top 5) is coming out on Tuesday: Cold Souls. This one isn’t an action/adventure tale with Sci-Fi special effects wallpaper like so many others, but the core premise of the story is science fiction, and the rest of the film explores the consequences spinning off […]

Shatner does Poe

This is just too funny for words, only watching the video will give you an idea. Many thanks to John at SF Signal for finding this one.

Bad Hair Day

SFX has posted some truly amusing pictures in their Sci-Fi Bad Hair Day article. They could make the navigation through the images a bit more obvious, but they picked some classic ‘doos.

Missed Mediacon, Robinson Interview

I missed mentioning a Mediacon that snuck past me… possibly because I am not a pre-pubesent female. It seems there is a Twilight Con going on this weekend in Nashville, Tn. Over at io9, there is a very good interview with Kim Stanley Robinson on his new book, Galileo Dreams.

Things to Do: Cons

From the 29th to the 31st, OhayoCon takes place in Columbus, Ohio. This Anime con has an amazing list of guests as well as panels, cosplay competitions, and an extensive AMV contest. On the left coast, Animation on Display is the San Fransisco Animation Convention, being held at the Hotel Kabuki on the 30th and […]

Stargate Auction

Yes, a boatload of props from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis are going up for auction over at The PropWorx and on ebay over the next few months, according to SciFi Wire. They also got the auction team to list the 20 coolest things up for grabs, which include a Thor puppet, a MALF, and […]

Things to Do: Movies

This week is a fantasy romantic comedy called When In Rome starring Kristen Bell as the skeptical woman who plucks coins tossed into a magical Fountain of Love with rather unexpected results. The cast looks solid and the trailer is funny, so this just might be worth a trip to the theater. For those who […]

Things to Watch: DVD’s

The movie release of choice this week is Surrogates, a fun little action/adventure outing starring Bruce Willis as a man who has to avoid wearing his robot body while hunting down a killer.

If you didn’t have a chance to see it in the theaters, RiffTrax LIVE: Plan 9 from Outer Space hits the shelves […]

Fun Videos

I wanted to share a few fun videos today, beginning with the worst nightmare a Dalek could ever have: A Cyberman Call Center. The following video attempts to answer the age-old question, do Daleks like waffles? On a related topic, in the 3rd video we get to hear from Talkie Toaster as he asks a […]

Beginning TV

There are a few new TV shows beginning in the US that I wanted to mention. Hopefully you already know about them, but if not this will be timely.

First, there are two programs from the UK. Demons started a few weeks ago on BBC America (if you missed the first few episodes, they […]