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Or if you prefer Every Harry Potter Spell in a single video edit, and in alphabetical order no less. I didn’t realize how many times they used some of these until I saw them back to back. Davide Rapp was the editor with Giorgio Zangrandi as the assistant editor, and just finding all of these probably meant they had to re-watch the series from the beginning; I’m sure they were heartbroken about that! *grins* They did an excellent job on this project, thanks to Games Radar for the heads up on this one.

This is from back in 2014, but I only found it this week, courtesy of Laughing Squid. The amount of video available these days is staggering, and the surprise is not that we miss things, but that we manage to keep up with it at all. Even though it’s old, it struck a chord with me, so I had to share it.

The award winning SF Signal posted its final entry on May 5th, one day after Star Wars Day. For the past almost 13 years I have hit the site at least once a week, always finding lots of interesting and exciting science fiction and fantasy articles and links there. If I went for no other reason, I always checked out their regular postings on free science fiction you could read, hear, or watch on line. They have even won some Hugo awards for Best Fanzine and Best Podcast, and I have had them in my Blog Roll for over a decade. But John DeNardo made the announcement last week that they were shutting down new entries because they could no longer devote the amount of time such a site required. It will remain online until at least June so you can still access the 100 Gig of sci-fi interviews and articles, and they are looking into some hosting options that will allow it to stay online at least as a static site. I wish them well on their next endeavors, and am sorry to see them go.

This is apparently a Trek parody of the song Drop It Like Its Hot, put together by K Face TV, and it is a fun little video. In fact, this is the best Trek parody video I have seen this year, quite tasty! I also appreciate they give full credit to everyone who worked on this production with them. I hope they put more of these together, I liked this one a lot.

There are a ton of Sci-Fi Parody Songs, often and mostly fan built; these are a few of my favorites from the Star Wars franchise. The first is Moves Like Jabba from Break Originals, the second is Star Wars Disney: Let it Flow from Box Step Productions, the third is Wrecking Maul from Randy Turnbow. Yes, they are silly, but that i part of the appeal.