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A year before he became the 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton did a BBC Radio production of George Orwell’s 1984. He wasn’t the first actor to give voice to Winston Smith, because that was David Niven in 1949, within a year of the books original publication. He was the first actor to ever play Robin Hood on TV in 1953, and I can’t help but wish at least one complete episode of that show still exists in some format so I could watch it. Video Curios posted his 1984 online a few years ago, and Open Culture posted the heads up, so here you go; enjoy.

I enjoy the hell out of the The Wil Wheaton Project, and this week I think he has outdone himself. John Barrowman joins Wil to get dressed up in Steampunk style and go party down the town. Lots of Arrow comments and Dr Who references, but what really makes the show special is the level of comedy Wil and his guests bring to the party, and John brings a lot. Trust me when I say everyone who loves both Sci-Fi and Comedy needs to see this show each and every week.