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Boilerplate, Her Universe

Over the last decade I have linked to the Boilerplate website a number of times, since it embraces the Steampunk Robot movement, or even helps lead it. It looks like they are finally getting their just due; according to Heat Vision, JJ Abrams is doing the Boilerplate movie. I have a difficult time imagining what […]

Dancing Bots

This video came from NASA itself, and shows the ATHLETE rover (All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer) deploying in boogie mode; what a hoot.

Red! (Both Movies)

Yes, another new trailer from Comic-Con, this one for the movie RED: Retired, Extremely Dangerous. This one is almost the last RED trailer I posted, but it does have a few new scenes. It doesn’t really matter to me how good this is; I will see any movie that includes Willis, Freedman, and Malkovich in […]

Sucker Punch!

There were a boatload of new trailers released at Comic-Con, most for movies I have been waiting on for a while. Somehow I flat out missed Sucker Punch, which surprises me. Based on the trailer, this one looks great!

Playing Doctor

Playing Doctor Who, that is. It has frustrated me for years that the BBC kept developing all kinds of wonderful online games that folks in the UK got to play, but the rest of us were locked out of. They have finally come up with a solution for that: Direct2Drive Dr Who is now an […]

Something to Do: Movies

There aren’t any new F/SF films coming out this weekend, at least not that I can find. So it might be a good weekend to try to catch up with anything already out that you haven’t seen yet. For instance, this just past weekend most folks probably caught Salt, so Valhalla Rising is a good […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

The leader for fantasy movies this week is Clash of the Titans. While I thought the movie took itself a little too seriously, it was still a fun flic. A much more serious topic is explored in the science fiction film Repo Men, where it doesn’t bode well to be late with your payments for […]

STILL more Comic-Con, Flash Forward

I am sure I will have to add to this when later today actually happens, but I had to mention this now. The wack jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church (the idiots who protest at the funerals of America’s fallen war heroes if they think they might be anything other than hetero) decided to protest […]

Still MORE Comic-Con

It just doesn’t stop when Comic-Con is happening. Here is a new Megamind trailer, and a great article about Munnfrom the Post relayed from the Con. Awards handed out at the con include Moto Hagio’s Inkpot Award (very well deserved, in my opinion), and of course all kinds of video blogs are coming out of […]

Still Comic-Con, Tron trailer

Everyone who normally reads this (and you both know who you are) is either at Comic-Con or watching it online, and that’s what I am doing. Already something exciting from the event; the new Tron trailer!