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Something to Do: Movies, 4Oct13

Gravity is the Sci-Fi film of choice this week, but there are several other options. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith is hitting theaters for an extremely short lived run, but this time it will be in IMAX 3D. This is not a trend that will end anytime soon; all the company […]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 1Oct13

The directors cut of The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec becomes available this week. I love this movie, which is the first in a series based on the graphic novels by Jacques Tardi that Luc Besson is making, but I find myself a bit annoyed. I just bought the blue-ray American release regular version when […]

More J-Rock: The Cherry Coke$

This is your Traditional Irish music, played by a band composed of Japanese Death Metal musicians with a Zydeco drummer. If they actually lived in the UK, they would have had a flat next door to the Pogues. That is the shortest way I could get across the idea of what their music is like, […]

Something to Read: Shattered Dreams

I want to mention a new book by a new author, Shattered Dreams, book one in the Luna’s Children series, by Melissa Kay Clarke. I admit I sometimes read romantic/action/adventure fantasy (particularly ones with a Steampunk sensibility, or Dragons and other supernatural creatures), and I quite enjoyed this one. In the interest of Full Disclosure […]

Action Hero Grail Trailer

Monty Python as filmed by Michael Bay is the best way I know to describe this video edit. It underscores the difference between films from two completely different decades, and the changes in film making between those times. It also says a lot about how a good editor can make a trailer say anything they […]

GunPla Builder trailer

The world just can’t seem to have enough Gundam, and the next series to launch is GunPla Builder, a tribute to all who build and fight the Gundam Plastic Model class of Bots. It is coming to TV Tokyo this October. Thanks to Danny Choo for the heads up on this one.


One Spock and Two Sirs

This is almost scary to contemplate; Nimoy, Stewart, and McKellem partied at Coney Island together, and took this photo. Gandalph hanging out with Picard and Spock? The mind boggles, and now I have a burning curiosity to know just which rides they went for. Thanks to Katee Sackhoff for the heads up on this one.


Something to Do: Movies, 27Sep13

This week brings an amusing animation, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Evolution has definitely happened in their absence, and there are all kinds of food animals to brave on their way to saving the world.

Something to Watch: DVDs, 24Sep13

If the only release I mentioned this week was Iron Man 3, it would be sufficient. It truly gave that particular subset of the Marvel franchise a beginning, a middle, and an end, making each of the previous offerings fulfill a part of the overall story arc, when they appeared to just be stand alone […]

More J-Rock: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another kick butt J-Rock band is Chocolate Chip Cookies, with strong vocals and high energy guitar work. The first track is Your World, which came out earlier this year. After that is a song from 2012’s Rockin’ on Girl’s Door Vol.2, and the final entry is Fly A Skull from their 2011 album.