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May 2016
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Something to Watch: Discs

TV has Heroes Reborn: The Complete Event Series, and I was thrilled to discover it has 13 episodes. Somehow my DVR only captured the first 12, when I got to the end of my binge watching session I thought they left it like that to try to get the fans to pressure NBC to do [...]

Jinky Jenkins & Lucky Lou

The animated short Jinky Jenkins & Lucky Lou is an adorable little video about two people who were always meant to be together. While there were a lot of folks involved with this one, it is predominately the creation of Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon. It has won dozens of awards, including the Best Student [...]

Building Bronze, Lost Wax Style

Want to convert something into Bronze? The Lost-Wax Technique really does date back to the Bronze Age, or as close as makes no difference from my perspective. This great little animation from Renana Aldor & Kobi Vogman was made for the Hadrian Exhibition at the Israel Museum, and it gives you the entire process step [...]

Roadkill Redemption

The animated short Roadkill Redemption was created by Karl Hadrika. Or most of it, at least; he did the story, animation, modeling, rigging, compositing, editing, lighting and sound design, but the voice was Lidia Labuda. This one made him a 41st Annual Student Academy Award Finalist, which is fairly impressive for a single person production. [...]

Ratchet & Clank Trailer

If you have played this even once, the reality of the Ratchet & Clank movie can be summed up with their tag line: Kick Some Asteroid! It will be on the big screen at the end of April, just a handful of weeks from now.

Loving Vincent trailer

Imagine an animated feature film where each frame was painted by Vincent van Gogh; that is the concept behind Loving Vincent. So far just over 100 artists world wide have made the production team, and even if all they end up producing is the trailer they will have created something interesting. This is from Breakthru [...]

Something to Do: Movies

We have several this week, including Psycho-Pass the Movie in theaters for a limited run on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 15th and 16th. Topping the wide release list is The Divergent Series: Allegiant, where Tris and 4 must escape Chicago, or die trying. The Little Prince is a children’s classic with a core story as [...]

Print Your Guy

The silly animated short Print Your Guy was quite enjoyable; if you like it, check their web site for all the details.

Zootopia: Shakira – Try Everything

Zootopia was amazing, and Shakira’s official video of Try Everything gives you a little taste of how fluid and detailed the animation was. I don’t think I have ever seen this many animated characters on the screen at the same time before, and they managed to bring a number of them to life as individuals [...]

SIGGRAPH 2016: Computer Animation Festival

The SIGGRAPH 2016: Computer Animation Festival is the heart of what comes next for movies, games, and so much more. Watch and be amazed, and remember, no show gets more than 5 or 10 seconds of screen time! I would love to make this gathering in person and see each entire presentation come the 24th [...]