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July 2015
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The animated short Sun-Knapping was put together at ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques in Montpellier, France) by Martial Fontan, Guillaume Hoffmann, Boris Kaufmann, and Deborah Yver. It was posted to CGBros on April 3rd of this year, and I liked it so much I wanted to share it here. I have to wonder what [...]

Snowstorm Traveller

This short animation, Snowstorm Traveller, was put together by Gerri Lin as her graduation project for Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design. It has only been online a few weeks, but is rapidly approaching its 100,000 viewing. Thanks to Rocket News 24 for the heads up on this one.

The Boy And The Beast trailer

Studio Chizu has teamed up with Funimation to bring The Boy And The Beast to some US theaters in the fall, going into wide release at the end of the year in hopes of nailing down an Academy Award or three. I can’t link you to the Funimation site, because they only signed on last [...]

Something to Do: Movies

There are two excellent choices this time around, the live action option being Tomorrowland from Disney. I have been watching that one spit out new trailers for a while now, and am quite excited about it. We also get the animated When Marnie Was There from Studio Ghibli in a noticeably more limited release. I [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

In Movies we have Hot Tub Time Machine 2, a movie I haven’t seen but which was panned by just about every critic I have read. My thoughts are to watch this one when it comes to one of the streaming services I am already paying for anyways. We also get the animated fantasy Strange [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

In movies, The Cobbler is a story about a shoe repair man working in the same shop his family has run for generations who is granted the ability to live his customers lives by walking in their shoes… literally. The premise has a lot of potential, but the critics paned the movie brutally, and is [...]

Cosplay Remix: BORDERLANDS

This time around the Cosplay is from a number of places, in honor of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection going into wide release. You can go to the home page or just enjoy the video, your choice.

Journey into the Metaverse

This Machinema, titled Journey into the Metaverse, won all the awards when it was released in 2011, and well it should have. It is a truly unique piece of video production, and is worth adding to your permanent collections.

Controller: a new movie creation paradigm

With the power put into everyone’s hands by the growth of computer capabilities on an almost daily basis, people who want to create their own movies are starting to have a lot of the same tools as the major studios. What this means for folks who have a vision of the film they want to [...]

When Marnie Was There English trailer

Studio Ghibli has produced some amazing animations in its history, and it looks like When Marnie Was There is yet another in a long line of triumphs. The box office results in Japan were poor for this one, but the critical reaction was positive to the point of acclaim, and this is another beautiful feature [...]