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December 2014
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Do-Wap Animation

A couple of classic tunes put together in minimal time to tie them to an animation, created in iClone. The minimal time factor explains why the lip sync is so bad, and the crudeness of some of the other animation aspects. But while as a viewer I can critique these as not being as perfect [...]

DAZ Quick Start tutorial

I have sat through a lot of tutorials about how to do things in a 3D CGI modeling and animation software package before, and this one just made me grin. Jay Johnson has a kid who had an animation project in mind, which he shared with his dad. Dad installed the full free DAZ Studio [...]

Minions 2015

I love these guys, nice to see them starring in their own movie instead of just being comic relief for Gru! Minions 2015 will be hitting the big screen in June in Australia, the date I have found for the US just says Summer 2015 so far.

Something to Do: Movies

I have been waiting for this week! This Wednesday we get Interstellar in a limited number of theaters around the country (check here to see if there is one near you). In my part of the country it will be at the Lockheed Martin IMAX, National Air & Space Museum in 70MM, but on Friday [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

The best movie coming out this week is definitely Maleficent, which includes the best performance I have ever seen Angelina Jolie deliver. The special effects were also quite good, and it really put Sleeping Beauty into perspective as quite a different story than the one Disney told in 1959. Also this week is Hercules as [...]

Create Your Own Film Noir; Tutorial

This is another excellent tutorial from Small W Studio with a Halloween slant, because the topic this time is Film Noir. He covers a number of different aspects of the CGI 3D animation process, but the two I got the most out of were resources and techniques for building the set, and using lighting to [...]

JUDGE DREDD: Superfiend Teaser

A new animated Judge Dredd miniseries put together by Adi Shankar had it’s teaser posted online today, with the full trailer due out on Thursday, and the miniseries itself scheduled to come out on the 27th. Since he is the guy that did the 2012 reboot of the Dredd film, this could be quite tasty. [...]

Something to Watch: Discs (formerly DVD’s)

When I first started posting about videos coming out in a package you could buy and take home in 1993, VHS was the format, eventually replaced by DVDs. But DVDs got replaced more-or-less by Blue Ray (augmented is a better word, since lots of folks are still perfectly happy at Standard Def), and Blue Ray [...]

Passepied in English

Passepied is a great little alternative band with a wonderful graphic sense and some good animation work that I have featured here before, but this is the first time I have heard an English vocal track on one of their songs. The song is Tokyo City Underground, and I posted the Japanese version back in [...]

E-On Software Competition Winners

I wish I had permission to post the winner’s images here, because they created some amazing places. You will have to visit E-On Stoftware’s 3D Environment Competition Winners 2014 to see them, but they are worth your time to check out. They were all created using VUE Infinite, the professional environment creation software suite from [...]