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June 2016
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Beauty and the Beast: 2017 teaser/trailer

This variation is from Disney, a live action reboot of the classic animated


The short CGI film Autonomous began life as a demo for a bigger story, and was completed by two people in their free time over the course of 2 years. Aleksei Shulga did directing, modeling, shading, vfx, and compositing, while Mihhail Kohtov did riging, animation, sfx and sound design. The music they used was created [...]

Something to Watch: Discs

I couldn’t find a single new genre release in western Movies or TV, but there are a few eastern titles this week. Tokyo Ghoul √A – Season Two continues the war between Ghouls and Humans, cranking up the action and horror as old friends transform and new perils arise. Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign [...]

The BFG new trailer

Roald Dahl wrote the story, Steven Spielberg directed the movie, and Disney is distributing it; The BFG is finally coming to the big screen in July. The Big Friendly Giant has been a children’s classic since it was first published, I am looking forward to seeing how they did with this iteration of it.

Something to Watch: Discs

The must-have title for this week is Deadpool, absolutely the funniest Marvel film made to date. It is also R rated, so it is no surprise it wasn’t made by Disney, but the folks over at 20th Century Fox. With a sequel already in the works, we might see Deadpool 2 as early as January [...]

Dawn of the (really long title)

This is Alf Lovvold’s Dawn Of The Planet Of The Zombies And The Killer Plants On Some Serious Acid, a tasty trailer done by just one guy. Check out his interview in 3DArtist for an idea of how he went about creating this.

Kubo and The Two Strings trailer

Kubo and The Two Strings is an epic action/adventure story set in a fantasy version of Japan, where Kubo was doing fine, until he accidentally awakened a vengeful spirit. On the run, Kubo must solve the mystery of his fallen father, the great samurai warrior in order to save himself and his village. Good thing [...]

The Switch

Created by Zack Mathew, the animation The Switch was made while he was at the Vancouver Film School back in 2008.

Something to Do: Movies

We have two films that look interesting this week: Ratchet & Clank for animated silly fun, and The Man Who Knew Infinity, the story of Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar, a true mathematical genius and pioneer. I am thinking I am going to have to see both films this weekend.

Something to Watch: Discs

In Movies we get IP Man 3, which completes the story of the man who became a legend in the Martial Arts community for much more than training Bruce Lee. Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon is a documentary you have to see if you appreciate comedy, covering them from the [...]