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April 2014
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HHGTTG 30th Anniversary Edition Game

Probably the first computer playable game I ever got addicted to was the HHGTTG from Infocom, although 9 Princes In Amber and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were both hot on its heels. Now you can play the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game 30th Anniversary Edition online at BBC Radio for an updated retro gaming [...]

Something to Read: Harry Dresden

One of my favorite fantasy series is Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, where Harry Dresden is the only person listed in the Chicago Yellow Pages under the profession Wizard, and is a special consultant to the Chicago PD. This is an amazingly good blend of gritty noir detective story and combat sorcery, with an entire [...]

Something to Read: Discworld

I know that lots of sites are doing April Fools gags today, but I would rather talk about Terry Pratchett’s wonderful creation Discworld which overall is funnier than most of the pranks going on. In all it comes to about 40 books these days, with hopefully at least a few more waiting to make it [...]

Raising Steam Buildables

I picked up Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam when I was in the UK for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration last November, it is a wonderful book you really ought to read. Now they have put together a great little collection of the characters and objects from that story as PDF files that you can [...]

Something to Read: Roger Zelazny

In the fall of 1965 I received the latest copy of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in the mail, and found inside it a story by Roger Zelazny, an author I had never heard of before. The story was . . . And Call Me Conrad, renamed to This Immortal when it came [...]

Something to Read: Wild Cards

There had been talk of the Wild Cards shared universe series being made into a TV show. It was to be a joint project between Universal Studios and Syfy, with Melinda Snodgrass doing the screenplay and her and George R. R. Martin executive producing the series. That announcement came out in 2011, and I haven’t [...]

Odd Thomas trailer; in theaters next week!

This is more about the author and his books than the movie; perhaps I should call it Something To Read? I have been waiting for a decade or so for them to turn Dean Koontz’s wonderful character Odd Thomas into a movie, and I have heard about them doing so for the last few years. [...]

3 Minute Futures: Build Your Own!

This Flash Fiction contest is 3 Minute Futures, and they are looking for someone to write a short, powerful story. The world renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson will select the winner, and Star Trek actress Gates McFadden will direct the To the Best of Our Knowledge productions into a finished radio play, with [...]

Goodreads Best Of 2013 voting now open

Goodreads is doing a number of categories, so you can vote for the Best Science Fiction books of 2013, or the best fantasy, ect. They have completed round one, and the winners have moved on to the next round. They have a number of authors and titles I am not familiar with, so I will [...]

Fahrenheit 451 in 3 Minutes

The folks over at Academic Earth believe everyone deserves a world-class education, so they have put together a collection of free online courses from the top schools on the planet, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. Not content to stop there, they have also put together a wonderful little collection of short educational videos they refer [...]