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September 2014
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Seventh Son trailer

This film won’t be out until February, but Seventh Son looks like a tasty adventure fantasy. It stars Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes, and Julianne Moore, and is based on Joseph Delaney’s The Last Apprentice.

Something to Do: Movies

The film of interest this week is The Giver, about a boy growing up in utopia, who reaches a point in his life when he is chosen to be the one of his generation to learn about the real world. When he does, he realizes his community is fake, artificially insulated from reality, and it [...]

Viz Select has some classics

If you are a Manga fan, you need to be aware that Viz has now launched Viz Select. These are some classic Manga’s that have been out of print for a while, and have now been re-released in a digital media format. Some of them started life as light novels, got turned into manga, and [...]

New Harry Potter story; Read Online Free!

Over on the PotterMore site, J.K. Rowling has returned to the world of Harry Potter for a new short story that reunites now-adult Harry with his old friends. You can read the full story here on PotterMore after registering, or over at Today Dot Com without the registration process. She is a wonderful writer, the [...]

SAO Season 2

Sword Art Online will be kicking off season 2 in a few days, on Saturday the 5th. If you liked the first season, I recommend you sign up for a free account with Crunchyroll so you can see the second season quickly, watching each episode a week after it airs in Tokyo. If you REALLY [...]

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Possibly the best Sci-Fi movie never made, Jodorowsky’s Dune spent years assembling the most amazing cast and creative talents, before finally falling by the wayside. The team he assembled included Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, David Carradine and Salvador Dali for the actors. It was set to a musical score by Pink Floyd and the art/design [...]

SAO Series 2 coming in July

The folks over at Crunchyroll have announced that they will be streaming the new Sword Art Online II beginning on July 5th. As usual, that pretty much means you get to see it an hour after it airs in Tokyo if you are a premium member, and one week later for everybody else. This is [...]

Something to Watch: DVDs, 13May14

In movies we have I, Frankenstein topping the list with its near-Dean Koontz like premise, great cast, and excellent special effects. In a completely different style but still with excellent production values there is Her, a touching story about a man who enters into a relationship with his household operating system. This Spike Jonze movie [...]

HHGTTG 30th Anniversary Edition Game

Probably the first computer playable game I ever got addicted to was the HHGTTG from Infocom, although 9 Princes In Amber and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were both hot on its heels. Now you can play the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Game 30th Anniversary Edition online at BBC Radio for an updated retro gaming [...]

Something to Read: Harry Dresden

One of my favorite fantasy series is Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, where Harry Dresden is the only person listed in the Chicago Yellow Pages under the profession Wizard, and is a special consultant to the Chicago PD. This is an amazingly good blend of gritty noir detective story and combat sorcery, with an entire [...]