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August 2015
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Something to Do: Movies

August has some movie releases I have been waiting for, and this week we get Marvel’s reboot of the Fantastic Four. This is the origin story, where Reed Richards and company enter an alternate universe which changes them in ways they never anticipated. They are also bringing Victor Von Doom to the big screen with [...]

Goosebumps trailer

If you have ever read the books from R.L. Stine’s series Goosebumps, you already know why you have to see this movie. For those of you that haven’t read the books or short stories, here is the Goosebumps Movie trailer (Not to be confused with the TV Show from the late 90s).

AwesomeCon 2015

Awesome Con in Washington D.C. this past weekend certainly lived up to its name, and its rep. They had a huge collection of actors, artists, and authors (and that only covered the first letter of the alphabet) doing their best to make the gathering memorable. Pretty much all of the guest actor/voice talent celebrities manned [...]

Something to Read

If you are as addicted to reading as I am, and in particular you love to read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other Genre stories, then I have a recommendation for you. Every week Locus Magazine generates a comprehensive list of the new publications their editorial team consider the best available. That means you can check in [...]

Radio Dramas: The Left Hand of Darkness, Earthsea

BBC Radio 4 is airing the first ever dramatization of Ursula Le Guin’s award winning and groundbreaking The Left Hand of Darkness beginning today at 15:00 UT. That’s right around 11AM EST, or 8AM Pacific, and besides airing in real time it will be available in their Listen Again mode for the next week or [...]

Hodor vs Groot Rap Battle

Of all the Greatest Rap Battles in History entries, this one has to be the shortest in terms of actual unique word count, but it still cracked me up. And then they did the Rap Battle of the Five Armies; Enjoy!

Something to Do: Movies

It is finally time for the release of Home, the animated adventure about cute aliens trying to find a world of their own… without much luck. The unluckiest is Oh, who may have accidentally destroyed their original homeworld, and a number of the other ones they were hoping to take over. Now he is on [...]

Something to Do: Movies

This week we get Insurgent, the second story in the Divergent series. The Divergent trilogy (which seems to have either 4 or 5 books in it) is a YA series written by Veronica Roth, full of action and adventure. Since it was so popular it became a good choice for converting into a series of [...]

We Lost Pratchett

I am very sad to know we lost Terry Pratchett, the author who created Disc World and so many wonderful characters and situations. His web site is down at the moment (probably crashed the server from so many hits), but the BBC announcement mentions a few facts that most authors can only dream of. 70 [...]

Sagan, Hawking, and Clarke; the Conversation

This amazing video has a conversation between Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Arthur C. Clarke. I was alive when this was recorded, and I had actually spoken with Sagan before this point, so I am sorry I missed this historic chat in person. Luckily there were cameras rolling, so I get to enjoy the event [...]