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Something to Do: Movies

The UK film The Lobster has been touring the film festival circuit, picking up 14 awards so far, and is now getting a limited theatrical release. Single people are locked into a hotel and given 45 days to form a romantic relationship; those that don’t manage to do that are converted into animals and released […]

2015 More Music

The best music of 2015 has to include the Ulfuls, who had several killer releases this year, with Sporty Party at the top of their list. Did I mention that 2015 was the year of One OK Rock, when after a decade of working their collective tails off they finally broke into the US market […]

Something to Watch: Discs

There is one actual disc in the Movie category that I saw, Walter, an Indi film that blends ghosts, religion, and mental illness to create a story in which a ticket taker at the local Cineplex is responsible for determining whether the people he meets go to heaven or hell. This one looks pretty quirky, […]