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Watch Sci-Fi Dot Com

Streaming online Sci-fi, a bunch of it free, is what Watch Sci-Fi Dot Com is all about. They are the folks who put together the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival each year, and the collection of amazing short films produced specifically for that event makes up a portion of the free-to-watch content. I certainly don’t mind paying […]

First AI Written Film: Sunspring

The short film Sunspring was written by a set of algorithms, including the lyrics of the song. Humans performed and recorded it, and wrote the music of that song, and while the results are a bit strange it is an interesting beginning.

Watch this on The Scene.


The D in David

The D in David is a very amusing short animation created by Michelle Yi and Yaron Farkash, in which the statue of David gets embarrassed about being naked around all the other artwork. It is a good concept nicely executed, and I enjoyed the punch line.

The D in David from Michelle Yi on […]


The short CGI film Autonomous began life as a demo for a bigger story, and was completed by two people in their free time over the course of 2 years. Aleksei Shulga did directing, modeling, shading, vfx, and compositing, while Mihhail Kohtov did riging, animation, sfx and sound design. The music they used was created […]

DARTH MAUL: Apprentice

One of the best Star Wars Fan Films I have seen in the last decade, DARTH MAUL: Apprentice tells a lot of story for being less than 18 minutes long. Pretty much the best Fan Film I have seen so far this year, as well. Enjoy!

Short Animation: Sumer

In the animated short film Sumer by Alvaro Garcia the ionosphere has been destroyed, and the planetary ecosystem followed close behind it. The animals and plants died a while ago, leaving one small group of humans in an artificial environment. In nine minutes this film tells quite a complex story, and in the year it […]

Happy Halloween! Skeleton Dance, 8 Bit Army of Darkness

Normally I do music on Saturday night’s, but normally Saturday is not Halloween. So this time around, a couple of classics in honor of the holiday. To make up for the schedule, music will be along very shortly, in honor of the new Abney Park album. The first Halloween video:

This is part of Disney’s […]

A Darwinian Future

Pay attention; this might be the world we end up with if we are not careful. A Darwinian Future is not exactly a positive way to move forward through time, but it is one of the potential paths the human race might follow soon. I had to include the VFX Breakdown as a stream for […]

Brain Divided

The wonderful animated short Brain Divided was put together by Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song and Joon Soo Song. This looks a lot like the new Pixar film Inside Out, but according to the Brain Divided Facebook page, they were developed at the same time and totally independent of each other. Enjoy!



The short film Harlequin is quite nicely done, and worth the time it takes to watch it. Pretty much a Batman variation, so it fits right in with the Comic Book Movies theme I enjoy sharing so often. It was created by Tara Alexis, who has some other interesting shorts to her credit, including some […]